It Follows Sequel News?

follows1Is there any It Follows sequel news?  A few months ago there was a little It Follows sequel news, based on some twitter posts and quotes from the director, but there is nothing new lately.  I doubt very much that there will be a sequel to this movie anytime soon, for a couple of reasons.

First, the director didn’t sound that enthusiastic about it.  Second, the incentives for movies filming in Detroit has been cancelled.  As you know, this horror darling was filmed in and around Detroit, but if they choose to come here again, they’ll be doing it without any free stuff or a discount passport.  

It’s too bad, because I would have watched an It Follows sequel with the same vibe and the same type of atmosphere.  That kind of movie is going to attract an audience.  Unfortunately, films like Ouija (2014) also attract an audience.  Those less sophisticated movies are probably easier to make.  I guess I won’t be watching any horror movies anytime soon.