For Review: Arthur and George, episode two

arthur3True to my word, I tuned in to watch episode two of Arthur & George, but I found more of the same.  There’s more endless dialogue, more confusing plot points, and more of everything else that made episode one tiresome.  The first half was god-awful, but I will admit that the whole thing turned around by the end.

This episode starts to question itself, and it finally raises some questions and drives some intrigue.  Although the first episode had intrigue and mystery too, there’s more of it in episode two.  Arthur continues his investigation into a killer who leaves taunting notes, and I’m not sure if he’s getting anywhere.  If the ending is any clue, he’s not.  He’s beginning to doubt his client too, which is never good.

Martin Clunes does a good job once again in this episode, but he needs to calm down and let things come to him.  The whole time he just can’t stop talking, jabbering on and on about whatever is going on.  Maybe they’re giving too much to him, because he’s in every single scene, reciting dozens and dozens of lines.

arthur4Hattie Morahan is a good surprise once again and she is part of a subplot that takes a break from the stupid murder case, so that’s sorely needed.  She plays Jean, Sir Arthur’s second wife before she becomes his second wife, and they spend most of the episode arguing and complaining about best practices when it comes to love, marriage, and courting.  She does a good job with her role.

In all, this is a decent second episode that turns the tables on the first.  Sir Arthur begins to doubt George’s honesty and I think the case is starting to confuse him, which makes it more than just a substitute-Sherlock story.  This is good.  Too bad it took so long to get there.  This is bad.  I guess the only thing left to do is to find out if they capitalize on the momentum setup in this episode, which is hopefully more good than bad.