This movie invented hacking in 1995

hack2Hackers (1995) had internet crime before there was an internet.  This movie was onto something.  It has a lot of things that are cool before they were cool.  It has Angelina Jolie before she was Angelina Jolie, the megastar.  It has the beginnings of the internet crime genre before there was an internet crime genre.  It uses computer buzzwords and media references.  It is horribly 90s, with loud fashion, annoying music, and stupid teen drama.  The outdated and ridiculous situations are laughably funny.  In other words, it’s a good movie.

hack3The only reason to watch this movie is for the characters, the dialogue and the stupid references.  It’s certainly not for the story.  Or the music, which is annoying as the 90s.  I will say that a couple of the scenes are pretty funny, like when the hacking group decides to set up one of the secret service men tracking them.  They change his status to deceased. 

The villain featured in this movie is laughably stupid.  He is played by Fisher Stevens before he lost all of his hair.  He tracks the hacking group and makes their lives crazy.  Angelina Jolie struts around.  Most of the movie is one big distraction to feature her.  Her face.  Her body.  Her stupid haircut.  Fisher Stevens has a stupid haircut too, but at least he’s not strutting around everywhere in this movie.  

I will complement Jonny Lee Miller who plays the main character Dade, one of the hackers.  His character is there to get sympathy from the audience and conflict with Angelina Jolie.  Dade is a gifted guy, but he has a troubled past.   He runs with these hackers for most of the movie and all them try to avoid getting in trouble.  The thing about this movie is that it has hackers as the heroes, and the government and the Big Bad ™ corporation as the evil guys.  That’s a good move for your audience, who need to root for somebody.

hack1The backdrop for this movie uses computers and computer code, but it tries to make computers and code cool and colorful when we all know computers and code are both boring and repetitive.  The things the hackers do are not realistic and pretty dumb, but nobody seeing this movie in the 90s probably knew any better.  Most of the computers have bright colors and spinning patterns, like on a Pink Floyd album cover. 

In all, this movie is pretty entertaining.  It has humor, stupid situations, and Angelina Jolie trying to be stylish.  What movie can beat that?  After the hackers point out that the real villain is Fisher Stevens, not them, he tries to get away by wearing this stupid white beard and a white wig.  It’s so stupid, it’s funny.  This movie doesn’t take itself seriously.  It makes computers entertaining, and you’ve got to respect it for that.