31 Days of Halloween – Day 10 – Leslie Nielson and Ted Danson invade Creepshow

creep4The thing about anthology movies is that they could have a lot of crap and only a little gold, but at least they give you something different in the form of assorted short stories.  Creepshow (1982) does the horror anthology right, and mixes up tones and styles to deliver five different stories.  I guess its contemporary is Tales from the Darkside: The Movie (1990), which came out much later, but it has only three stories in comparison. I didn’t know this, but the Tales from the Crypt anthology had a little-known movie back in 1972 and a television show in the 90s, which ran for seven seasons.  I remember it ran late at night and I never got a chance to watch it.  Whichever your flavor of anthology, I think Creepshow has decent writing and great entertainment.

Just like the ripoff Tales from the Darkside, Creepshow is bookended by some boring stories, but it has good ones in-between, thankfully.  The script for the movie was written by Stephen King, and it feels like it, which is a good thing.  It’s twisted, weird, funny, and dark.  On top of that, George Romero directs this badboy and his buddy Tom Savini does work on the effects and make-up.  This is a horror fan’s horror film for sure.

Creepshow is inspired by the horror anthology comics from the 50s, like Tales from the Crypt.  This was at a time when people were burned out by superheroes and comics of other types were popular.  EC Comics led the horror genre with its anthology series, for example.  These comics had dark humor and good storytelling, usually telling several tales per issue.  Creepshow harkens back to those glory days by using animation and comics-inspired graphics at the introduction of each story.  I know this movie has a lot of fans.  I can remember it being on television, but I haven’t seen it around in a while.  Too bad.

creep2The first story is about a guy who comes back from the dead to get revenge on his family.  The whole thing buzzes of George Romero, who brings the guy back in the worst condition possible.  Tom Savini must have spent several hours on this guy, because his flesh looks rotten and decayed, almost like a zombie.  

creep1After the zombie guy kills everybody, Stephen King guest-stars in the second story.  He plays a dumb-as-rocks farmer, who finds a meteorite in his field.  King’s performance is way, way over-the-top, but this time, I don’t mind it.  I actually like it, because it’s not the annoying kind of overdramatics, as in a lot of movies I’ve seen.  King’s work is tongue-in-cheek and matches the tone of the movie.  I like his reactions as this weird green stuff spreads out over everything, including him.  This one doesn’t have a happy ending, same as the first.  Too bad.

The next story is probably the best, and features the comedian Leslie Nielson as a cold-blooded murderer.  It’s sorta strange to see him in such a role.  His wife is cheating on him with Ted Danson, so he kills them both by burying them up to their neck on a beach, so that the tide can come in and drown them.  Pretty creative.  Ted Danson doesn’t serve drinks or tend bar at any point in this story.  Too bad. 

Tcreep3he next story is the longest and it’s probably the darkest.  It has to do with a strange crate, with a monster inside.  Some idiots apparently decide to open it and release a Yeti, who eats one of them whole.  Pretty funny.  His boots sit on the ground, letting us know he’s been devoured.  lol too bad.

The last story is pretty dumb and gross.  It is about an Attack of the Cockroaches.  They torment and try to attack this one lonely guy.  He locks himself in a panic room, but the cockroaches are already in there, as they completely infest the building.  Pretty funny.  Happy ending?  Not a chance.   

In all, this is a pretty unique movie.  I can see why Leslie Nielson and Ted Danson and tons of other name actors signed up for this one.  It’s pretty fun.  Maybe they all wanted to be in a movie with Stephen King, who also does a good job.  I mean, I guess he could tone it down a little, but that’s not his style.  He just lets loose.  Gotta respect the guy for that.  Keep your eyes  peeled for the Tom Savini cameo as he joins the cast with his pals.  Creepshow 2 no doubt came about because the first was successful, but I prefer the original.  Get your creep on!



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