The Walking Dead Premiere – Leading Spoilers

zombie50There are tons of spoilers and rumors floating around about the premiere of The Walking Dead, this Sunday.  I think the most popular spoilers are that the Wolves will appear in the opener and attack the Safe Zone, as they did in the comic.  This is probably why you’ve got people running around in the trailer and questioning Rick, who looks serious.

It has been rumored that Carter is one character who does some of the questioning.  Apparently, he’s been a Safe-Zone resident this whole time, but we’ve never met him.  The rumor is he gets killed by walkers.  Quick entrance and exit I guess.

Another rumor is that Rick and the town find a huge herd of zombies stuck in a large quarry.  There will reportedly be a LOT of zombies, and Rick is afraid they will get out.  He argues with Carter throughout most of the episode.  

Also, Morgan is rumored to appear in this episode too.  He has a short chat with Rick.  It’ll be great seeing him back.  I don’t know how he gets involved, but maybe he’s back and waiting for the right time to get involved.  Who knows.

Sounds like an interesting episode.  I’m not sure if Rick is the de facto leader at this point or not.  We’ll have to find out.  Ethan Embry plays Carter, the guy who annoys Rick and argues with him.  No wonder he bites it.  Or maybe he’s saved by Rick and they become best pals, bonding as they gun down the herd of zombies.  Maybe I’m dreaming.