The Walking Dead is Black and White and isn’t Black and White

walkingdead5Basically, the premiere episode came at us with a great pace, and even better dialogue.  All the actors looked very comfortable in their roles, even Abraham, Eugene, Morgan.  A lot of this episode takes place in flashback, which is done in black and white for contrast.  This is a good effect.  I really don’t have a lot of complaints in this review.  Get ready for me to be boring.

It’s sorta funny, because a lot of characters and their motivations were not black and white at all, so it was hard for me to predict a lot of what some of the characters were going to do next.  This is especially true of characters like Ron, who I thought was going to attack Rick.  I wasn’t able to predict what Carter was going to do either, and he shook hands with Rick at one point.  I thought the guy was gunning for Rick.  

I guess the same anti-black and white characterization can be seen in Rick and Morgan too.  Both of them are complicated guys.  They seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum, maybe even trading places from where they were a few seasons ago.  I guess Rick is sorta double-talking as well, so it’s hard to place where he is right now.  Is he back to being Captain Angry?  Why’s he taking so many chances?  Morgan seems to be developing into a zen master, while Rick is having a hard time with his leadership.  Not to mention the blonde chick giving him the brush off.  Ouch.

There was also a lot of humor during this episode.  I think the most funny part is when Eugene backs into a shelf and Carter surprises him with a gun.  “Hello,” is all Eugene can say.  Hilarious.

walkingdead7There was a little bit of everything in this episode, and every dangling plot thread was touched on in some way.  Carl’s stupid romance, Abraham being an idiot, Father Gabriel being ignored and isolated, even Carol’s undercover operation that only Rick knows about.  I did wonder what the hell happened to Lauren Cohan’s character.  Why does Maggie have the least to do?  Yeah, the biggest thing that happened to her is some huggy time, but her character seems to be going nowhere.  I wonder if they’re killing her off, so they’re giving her nothing to do.

As for the plot, I thought the Alexandria schmoes had a very stupid plan and executed it even worse.  Anything could have derailed their plan and a couple things almost did.  I’m not sure why there’s an airhorn at Alexandria, but I’m guessing the Wolves might be involved somehow.

In all, this was a solid episode.  It had good writing and it shows great polish.  The pace was good and even seemed to pick up toward the end, as they built the tension with the group’s stupid plan.  Carter was right!!! Yes, I am 1 for 1 this season with my rumors, and I called the death of Carter in a previous blog post.  I’m going to step out on a limb and say some more people die next week (/sarcasm).