31 Days of Halloween – Day 16 – The house that dripped a lot of blood

blood1The House That Dripped Blood (1971) has a cheesy title and Peter Cushing, so I’m finally back in my comfort zone.  Whew.  After watching zombie comedies and newage horror, I was beginning to miss the old classics.  This is NOT a Hammer horror film, as is most common from Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, but it is SORTA like Hammer.  Hammer does well at period pieces, but this movie takes place near the modern day.  Besides that, it’s hard to tell this isn’t a Hammer classic, because you’ve still got overdramatic music, women with cleavage, and SCHLOCK.

Unlike other 60s or 70s horror movies, the title of this one is not an allusion.  They are being literal here.  The movie is about a house with a deadly, deadly history.  In this way, the movie is REALLY a horror anthology in disguise, with episodes about what happened to different characters in the house.  I shall now capitalize The House to give it greater importance, because I’m all about being overdramatic, as much as this movie is.

blood2The first flashback story stars Denholm Elliott and Joanna Dunham as new tenants of The House (in caps).  You might remember Elliott from the Indiana Jones movies if you’re not living under a rock.  He’s definitely young here.  He plays a writer who specializes in “murder” and needs a place to crash, so he goes to his house agent to find him the best creepy place on the block.  His agent is named Mr. Stoker.  The guy doesn’t have fangs.  There’s quite a bit more from this obvious movie.

blood3So after some weirdo kills the new tenants of The House, it’s off to the next story starring Peter Cushing.  The better part of this story is Peter Cushing walking around examining objects from horror movies, like a guillotine or a rusty dagger.  He really can’t get enough of a wax  museum and visits it everyday.  This story also stars Joss Ackland, who has played the evil British guy in over 100 different TV shows and movies.  He actually has hair in this one.  Weird.

blood5After some other weirdo kills Cushing, Christopher Lee steps in to be murdered in the house.  Of the four stories, this one is the most understated, and has a better mood.  It’s a unique take on the evil child story that’s been in 100 other movies.

 Another thing that this movie has going for it is that the stories are short and to-the-point.  Mostly, I like the pace because 70s horror is good in small doses.  It gets to the schlock quickly and moves on, except the last story, which is a vampire story which revels in the schlock.  It has a rubber bat.  Nuff said.

In all, this movie is LOADED with famous horror actors, including Miss Cleavage herself, Ingrid Pitt.  I have to complement this movie because it doesn’t do anthology straight, but wraps it with a unique story, kinda like Tales from the Darkside: The Movie, but much better.  The only real negative that might prevent me from coming back to this one is the soundtrack, which sounds like somebody jumping on an organ, while playing the bagpipes.  Terrible.  All four stories are decent enough, except the last one, which is the most over-the-top vampire tale on film.  I’m really a sucker for these stupid movies, but I would recommend this one, especially to fans of Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.


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