The Walking Dead – The Week’s Spoilers

walkingdead6The second episode of season six better be good, because the ratings need help and I was surprised it came in so low.  The second episode should have more drama, propelled on by what was started in episode one.  

There has been a bunch of rumors this week for episode two, JSS.  The first is that Father Gabriel setoff the horn that ruined the plan to herd 1,000 zombies up a road.  That one is false.  The Wolves set off the horn.  Hopefully Maggie will get some screentime, but the rumor is Carol will have a lot of time to be resourceful and helpful to the cause.

One sneak peak showed Gabriel and Carl talking, but the rumors are that Gabriel will continue to be a hinderance.  Hopefully, he won’t get anyone killed.  

A new character named Denise will be introduced in this episode, played by Merritt Wever.  She is a doctor and will have a scene in episode two.  Enid also gets some additional screentime.  Morgan and Carol have a scene together to explore their relationship.  

I think the events of episode two are really taking place during episode one, which means Rick and the group may not arrive until the end of the episode.  

But what does JSS mean?  I think it could be what the Wolves told Morgan in the season 5 finale.  It could be initials or it could be something Enid only knows.  Enid is writing the initials JSS in the teaser trailer.  The guys Morgan left alive in the season 5 finale could also be back for revenge, so there’s some sort of connection there.