31 Days of Halloween – Day 19 – Yay, a Friday the 13th movie!!!

friday10 I think the best thing you can say about Friday the 13th part 3 (1982) is that it isn’t the crap that part 2 is.  Although, judging from the music, you wouldn’t think that this was a Friday the 13th movie at all.  Maybe Disco Party USA or something.  Part 3 was the first Friday movie to be done in 3D, which is somewhat of a revival of the technique.  I know, every movie today is 3D, but the 50s were the glory days for 3D, when you could sit in a crowded theatre or at a drive-in to watch your favorite crappy movie.  Friday the 13th part 3 brings that feeling back to the 80s and celebrates it, so at least that’s something.

Everything is setup just right to support the 3D, and characters are constantly throwing things at the screen or moving things toward the camera to utilize the 3D effect.  The yo-yo trick is the most annoying of these effects and really looks stupid in regular definition.  Maybe if I actually saw this movie in 3D it might be better, but as it is, it’s just a bunch of people throwing stuff at the screen.  I guess they decided to make part three into a 3D movie because it’s somewhat of a tradition in horror movies to make “part 3” into the 3D sequel.  Jaws 3D and Amityville Horror 3D came later because of what Friday did in part 3.  

friday11I think the characters are a step up from part 2, but not by much.  All the cliches are here, like the brainy girl, the jock, and the nerd who tries to get attention.  I think most of them are pretty dumb, and they’re not helped by the script.  It’s just one stupid joke or dumb situation after another, led by the immature Shelly, who gets on my nerves.

friday13Gerald Feil was the director of photography for Friday the 13th part 3.  He was responsible for the camera setups, the lighting and the characters throwing shit at the screen.  He had never done a 3d movie before this one.  Maybe the best thing Feil was responsible for was the eyeball scene.  This kill featured Jason squeezing this guy’s head until his eyeball popped out and flew at the screen.  Too bad it’s been cut from most TV showings, so I’ve got to revisit this one on DVD.  And it’s not even in 3D.  Too bad.  

The budget for part 3 was doubled from the last one and it shows.  It looks pretty good.  I think the Jason costume design is the best and it’s the first time he gets his legendary hockey mask.  It works.  Jason sure does take a beating in this movie though.  He has books dumped on him and he’s nearly hanged.  He’s hit over the head with a log, a shovel, and finally a hatchet.  Poor guy.  

In all, this movie was probably pretty fun in its day or at least in 3D, which is disappointing for me.  I can’t watch it that way, so all I can say is that it’s just average.  It has a better script than part 2 and looks better, especially Jason himself.  They show his face quite a bit in this movie and I don’t mind that.  I don’t think it has to be a secret.  Good thing for us that this movie was successful, because it gave us the hockey mask and more sequels.  Well, at least one out of two isn’t bad.


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