The Walking Dead – Are you in the mood for some JSS?

jss1I’m not sure if I’m in the mood for this episode, because I’ve seen one character after another be as stupid as possible on successive episodes.  There’s no way in Hell Rick is as dumb as he’s been written.  He’s a police officer and rational guy.  How he came up with a plan to herd 1,000 zombies up a road is beyond me.  The fact that he does it right past Alexandria is even more stupid.  Yeah, things go wrong.  Big surprise.

So the second episode doesn’t start with a resolution of that stupid problem, it starts with Enid.  It doesn’t really teach us much more than we already knew, but it does explain that she had parents and they were eaten.  Gee, thanks for that.  Fact is, she’s just a time filler.  Why is she there?  The reveal of what JSS means is not done very well, because it’s not followed up on.  Nobody talks about JSS.  Nothing happens as a result of the JSS note.  NOTHING HAPPENS.

After the introduction, there’s a half-dozen bonding moments that take place while Rick is out there herding 1,000 zombies.  The pretty obvious stuff happens.  Eugene acts like an offensive jerk.  Carl acts like a nervous idiot.  Carol blends in with the others while undercover.  After that, the Wolves or crazy people or whatever come into the city and attack, just like Rick thought would happen a few episodes ago.  

Some idiot plows a 4-wheeler into the dilapidated church, and sets off the horn, which is what we heard last episode.  Why do these guys have a functional semi-truck laying around?  I don’t get it.  I thought space was at a premium.  If that’s true, why is there a friggin huge truck sitting in middle of town?  If they were using it for storage or as an impromptu shelter, why haven’t we seen it before?  That’s right, NO REASON.

During the attack, Father Gabriel and Morgan decide to have a moral conscience, which doesn’t really amount to much.  Actually, it does amount to something in Morgan’s case.  He lets the Wolves run off.  Why?  No reason, other than his character won’t kill them.  Luckily, it helps the plot because their can be a threat out there and everybody can be nervous as a result.  Thanks Morgan.  Thanks writing team.  You’re so awesome.

Other than some development here and there, this episode left me confused.  The mega-herd plotline was not resolved.  I was still wondering why Enid was on screen and why they never developed her character.  They threw in a theme using JSS and using her character, but it didn’t amount to anything.  Unlike the first episode, Maggie got a little screentime, but disappears again.   Why? No reason, again.  That’s this episode.  The no reason episode.

There are a few positives.  Carol and most of her scenes were pure gold.  In one scene, she’s looking out the window at the smoking lady and seems annoyed, but then this guy with a hatchet rushes in, killing her. That was an excellent setup and a great twist.   Morgan being a badass was a treat and his weapon of choice is the best thing about his action scenes.  Too bad he displaces Michonne as the resident badass. In all, I think this was a below average episode, with a few good character moments, such as from Carol, Denise, and Morgan.  Take what you can get, I guess.