The Walking Dead deaths this week

walking37This week there haven’t been that many rumors, but a few of them have me wondering if they’re real or not.  This week we get back to following Rick and the group, and I think several characters might die.  This week, the rumor is that Glenn will die along with his new pal Nicholas.  

The spoiled scene takes place on top of a dumpster, where Glenn and Nicholas are surrounded by zombies.  Nicholas tells Glenn “Thank you” and shoots himself in the head.  Glenn is pulled over the edge and ripped apart.  I’m going to call bunk on this one, because ANOTHER rumor has popped up explaining that Glenn’s death scene is a fake-out and the misdirection will be revealed later in the season.

Michonne is rumored to be featured heavily in this week’s episode, “Thank you”.  Rick and the group try to get back to Alexandria and Rick “runs a lot” according to the rumors.  What a huge revelation.  Anyway, I’m not sure if he finds his way back to town, but I’m guessing they drag it out even more.  The rumors are that Rick is separated from the group and gets lost.