The Walking Dead – Thank You Thins the Herd (spoilers)

walkwalk1“Thank you” was an episode that finally delivered the goods after the mediocre start in the ratings for The Walking Dead.  I couldn’t believe how fast paced this episode felt.  It was moving as fast as Rick up a deserted highway.  Maggie was once again absent, but the story focused on Rick, Michonne, Glenn, Nicholas, Floppy-hat-guy, David, and a whole bunch of red shirts instead. 

I was spot on once again with my spoilers a few days ago, except now I can’t believe them.  Is Glenn really dead? Talking Dead with Chris Hardwick went to great lengths to assure us that Glenn would return in “some fashion”, whether in flashback or as a zombie or whatever.  I felt like the whole Talking Dead show was one big scam, as it tried to make us buy into some sort of hype or outrage over Glenn’s death.  Okay whatever, they didn’t even confirm it.

It’s pretty obvious to me that the zombies were tearing Nicholas apart, not Glenn.  Since Nicholas fell on top of Glenn, that makes sense.  Glenn was not interviewed on The Talking Dead and has still been seen on set.  Lastly, his picture was not put into the memoriam slide show on The Talking Dead.  However, this could all be because he’s appearing in some flashbacks later on in the season.  Of course, Nicholas wasn’t interviewed either.

Anyway, this is obviously something they’re going to revisit.  They’ll drag it out like they do everything else, Maggie will cry, and everybody will mourn Glenn until somebody finds him in the dumpster or something.

This whole episode was a setup for future episodes, which will hopefully bring in more viewers to see what will happen to the characters.  That’s a good thing.  Even Rick seemed in danger, as he couldn’t start the RV and was stranded in the middle of a pack of zombies.  Next week, Rick blows up the RV and incinerates all the zombies in a mushroom cloud, running away like Lance Armstrong.  Just kidding.  Dang, that guy needs to slow down.