90 Minutes with Morgan and The Walking Dead

morganSpoilers – “Here’s Not Here” will be the 90 minute episode devoted entirely to Morgan, which at first sounded like a bad idea.  90 minutes? Devoted to one guy? Apparently this episode bridges the gap between “Clear” and his sporadic appearances last season where he’s trailing after the group.  This is where he encounters some other people, including one man who teaches him the bo staff.  

Glenn’s death/not-death will NOT be answered during “Here’s Not Here”, so it’s going to be dragged out just like I thought.  “Clear” is an important episode to the character of Morgan, so that’s where we pick up, after Michonne and Rick leave him.  He kicks over a gas lamp and sets the building around him on fire during one scene.

John Carroll Lynch plays a stranger who locks up Morgan, maybe to protect him against zombies or maybe Lynch’s character was bitten.  Lynch’s character can make cheese from a goat and becomes Morgan’s friend, but not necessarily in that order.

Along the way, Morgan learns peace and to become a zen master, but starts to deviate from that too.  In another scene, he counters a member of the Wolves, but Morgan doesn’t kill him.  Big surprise, right?  Well, he ties him up instead and goes on his merry way.  Another spoiler I’ve seen has theorized that Morgan’s zen calm will continue to be tested, like he was at the end of JSS.