The Walking Dead monologues into next week

walkingdead12Rick, Deanna, Jessie and some guy with crackers had a monologue in the latest episode of The Walking Dead.  This episode was as good as the dialogue, which means it wasn’t very good.  I mean, it did it’s job and caught us up on the latest status quo at Alexandria, until it completely abandons that to deal with what happened to Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham next week.  I’m glad they featured Maggie and Aaron in this week’s episode, because they had a LOT to do after being ignored for most of the season.  The character moments were great, but I just didn’t like some of the dialogue, which was long and contrived.  MONOLOGUE FOR THE WIN.

walkingdead11Where did Carol go?  This was the perfect opportunity for her to insert herself in the Jesse/Sam melodrama and give advice or turn the screw, whichever way she wants to go.  Her absence pretty much tells me that they either have something larger for her later on or they have nothing at all.  I’m guessing the latter.

Speaking of Jessie, she was all over this episode and had a monologue too.  This was to gain audience sympathy in preparation for the ending, where Rick plants one on her.  Now that #porchdick aka Pete is dead, Rick has full reign to hover over Jessie for the rest of the season.  Good for him.  Next.

This episode turned into a soap opera as we dealt with four different couples and their stupid relationships.  I guess emotions are all you have left in the apocalypse, so I shouldn’t complain when they’re just trying to create some drama, not more stupid zombie fights.  Either way, there was a lot of drama.  Maggie was front and center, weeping over Glenn, and dropping the biggest bomb of the show.  Then there’s Rick and walk8Jessie, which is sort of a weird situation.  I’m guessing Ron is going to have a problem with their relationship.  And then there’s the teen drama for the young audience in this R rated show, which really makes no sense.  I don’t even care.  Don’t forget about Betsy, whose husband bought it last week, so she decided to kill herself.  Just sad.

I’m not sure how I feel about this episode.  Some of the dialogue was bad, but the drama was okay and the story is at least moving forward, dealing with character issues, and plot developments.  I think they did the right thing dividing up their character pool, because there’s only so much time in an hour, and someone is going to get left out.  Fortunately, these writers trained at the Star Trek script writing school, so everyone gets their time in the sun.  

Norman Reedus once joked that the monologue was the kiss of death for a character on The Walking Dead.  Let’s hope not!