Ash vs. Evil Dead Assumptions, ep 1

ash4I assumed Ash vs. Evil Dead wasn’t going to be all that good, since the continuation of the movie series has languished in development hell forever.  So they turn to TV instead.  That can’t be good, right?  I was wrong.  The series has the humor and the gore and a good pace that made it appealing to even me.  The story is perfect for a serialized television show.

ash1Episode one catches us up with Ash, and he’s killing possessed Deadites by the end, so they don’t waste any time.  He’s still working at a stupid retail store, but this time he’s released some of the evil from the Necronomicon onto Earth.  By accident, of course.  After realizing this, Ash reluctantly decides to figure out how to stop it.  That’s basically the plot of this show.  It works.

Ash is a reluctant hero and that characterization reminded me of Army of Darkness, but he’s in a slightly different spot.  He feels guilty about releasing the evil, but at first doesn’t want to do anything about it.  His friend Pablo convinces him to do something about it, and the dialogue between the two friends is funny.  Pablo is played by Ray Santiago and he does a great job.  Dana Delorenzo plays Kelly, another of Ash’s co-workers, and she tags along after she finds out the Evil has killed her Dad.

ash3The first episode is entitled “El Jefe” and is directed by Sam Raimi himself.  It premiered on the premium cable station STARZ and I couldn’t watch it the day it came out, because I’m not a rich bastard.  Bummer.  I’ve seen it available elsewhere online, like on the STARZ website, where I caught the first episode for free.  Can’t go wrong there.  I guess the gore is too much for regular television, and I can respect that, but I wish I could watch it more easily.  Oh well.

In all, this show is pretty funny.  Ash has this neighbor who joins in on the gags, as Ash asks her to watch his broken-down RV and clean out the septic tank, while he goes to see a man about a book.  I guess he needs a little more help than just saying “klaatu barada nikto” this time around.  

There’s a lot to like in this series.   It may not be the top quality acting, but it still suits the show.  The story, the comedy, the gore, and the action all work.  We even get an Ash vs. Chucky moment as a doll comes to life and attacks Ash with a box cutter, which ends up with Pablo squishing it.   It was squirm in your seat funny.  Ash vs Evil Dead has a lot of that, which is the same humor as in Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness, which works for me because I like those movies.  Hopefully, I can find the rest of this series.  Somewhere.