The Walking Dead – Another Character Joins the Cast

dwight1This week’s spoilers are minor compared to those I’ve posted before.  This week, we get a new character and a Daryl story as we catch  up with everybody outside of Alexandria.  No, we don’t learn what happened to Glenn.  Bummer.  There’s no Maggie either.  Double Bummer.  Daryl even wipes out on his motorcycle.  Triple Bummer.

The first trailer shows Abraham, Sasha, and Daryl being attacked by some guys with guns.  Spoilers are that these guys are Negan’s group.  Daryl is separated from the group.  The second trailer shows Daryl pushing his motorcycle through the forest, and he tries to radio his friends, but they don’t respond.  Some of the stills show Daryl being confronted by some guy with a gun, who is said to be Dwight.  Dwight is from the comics and he’s part of Negan’s group.  I couldn’t find the actor’s name.  He captures Daryl and ties him up, threatening him with a gun.  Some of the still photos released show this scene but they don’t explain why he isn’t burned as in the comics.  Maybe it’s before he gets burned.  

Another rumor is that Daryl escapes and runs into the woods, with a bag.  One of the two women faint and Daryl is able to run off.  Daryl ends up with some medical supplies for one of the women, who is diabetic.  So he tracks them down to return the medicine, because he’s a good guy like that.   Sounds plausible.

I couldn’t find the ending to this episode anywhere, but there is a rumor that Dwight and his wife are captured by a van of men, who are all possibly with Negan’s group.  This would explain how Dwight joins up with them, though it’s a forced partnership, obviously.  Should be fun to find out.