The Walking Dead – You’re Gonna Be Sorry #Daryl #thewalkingdead

dwight2Leave it to The Walking Dead to take the most beloved and revered character, and remind us that he’s a badass.  Why is Daryl not in every episode?  Do I need to see Rick and Jessie make out for a while or can I get more badass time?  This episode wasn’t all that exciting or action-packed, but it made up for it with character development.  We learned that Abraham and Daryl are in a badass competition, and the title of this episode was aptly named.  The characters are “Always Accountable” to each other and to themselves, in the case of Daryl, as he’s shown on numerous occasions, such as when he talked back to Rick about not giving up on finding people for Alexandria.  And last, Abraham and Daryl carried the “Always Accountable” attitude with them, but Daryl lived it, eyeing some strangers who betrayed him by promising revenge.  Yeah, they’ll be accountable alright.  YOU’RE GONNA BE SORRY! 

dwight1If you thought last week’s episode was stupid, slow and filled with too many contrived speeches, I’ll bet you liked “Always Accountable”.  There’s no stupid speeches here.  Still, the whole story feels disconnected, like I’m watching a Detroit Lions game.  Yeah, it doesn’t really matter, does it?  Well the actors try to make us believe it matters.  I guess that’s their job.

The opening is from one of the trailers and worked well to push the episode forward, setting up a jumping off point for the characters.  Abraham and Sasha camp out in a police office shack thing, and Daryl takes to the backwoods, so we’re really following two stories.

After the opening, I only really cared about the Daryl story.  He is captured by some looney tunes people who are on the run from some even more looney tunes people.  Figures.  Crazy people are all that’s left after the apocalypse, I guess.  After escaping his capture, Daryl decides to help these guys get away, but they trick him and take his crossbow and motorcycle.  What a buncha jerks.

dwight3So really, we’re left with even more mysteries than before.  Who are these organized guys in the cars and vans?  They obviously have medicine and plenty of guns.  They’re well off and not very nice.  Their leader is left a mystery.  Wayne? Wade? We learn nothing about him whatsoever, except that he wears jeans and boots.  Big whoop.  The whole ending is a confusing mystery.  

There’s plenty of other unresolved things going on in the show, so I’m not sure they needed a couple more.  There’s the Wolf Morgan left locked up in that house. What happened to him?  There’s Glenn, of course.  Is he really dead?  What’s Maggie doing? The whole thing with Carol was just dropped ages ago.  Is she still spying and pretending to be a homemaker?  What about Ron or Sam?  And Enid??? Where is she?  She apparently ran off, but we never learned what happened to her.  And is that guy still eating crackers on guard-duty?  AND THERE’S PLENTY MORE.

In all, this was a good episode from a character sense, but if you were looking for a complete story or some answers to the dangling plot-threads, you were probably disappointed.  Because of the crappy dialogue, last week’s episode took a dip in the ratings.  Hopefully, things will be up again this week, but I have a feeling people are scratching their heads and getting anxious.  Hopefully, I’m not the one who ends up being sorry!!!