Top 10 Walking Dead Dangling Plot Threads

walkingdead12Combining my obsession with zombies and top tens could be dangerous for my writing. And since there’s a LOT of unanswered questions in THE WALKING DEAD, I could get carpel tunnel.  Robert Kirkman must have been watching LOST or something, because the dangling plot threads are starting to pile up and we’re getting more and more every week, all of which will probably be resolved in one stupid last episode.  Until then, good luck pulling your hair out with these:

10.  Is there anyone left in charge? : Maybe the most fundamental unanswered question sneaks in at number ten.  The closest we EVER got to this answer was when Rick and group visited the CDC many moons ago, and discovered that the collapse of every government on Earth really ruined the day of some scientists studying the zombie condition.  My guess is that there’s NOBODY left in charge.  That’s it.  FINITO!
walkingdead89.  Can zombies starve?  : If zombie’s are so obsessed with eating, can they starve?  I’m guessing no, SINCE THEY’RE DEAD.  But movies like 28 Days Later have a different opinion.  Okay?  I think there’s a chance that zombies can starve, but is it me, or are the zombies looking thinner and thinner with each episode?  Shouldn’t they be decomposed by now?  

8.  Why Is that guy eating all the town’s crackers?  After Spencer talks Bruce out of robbing the town’s store of all its canned peaches, he turns up on the roof eating crackers.  What a jerk.  Now, is there going to be any follow up on this?  Is anybody going to teach this guy to behave? 

7.  How did Rick avoid getting zombie blood in his hand?  Okay so one week, Rick is bleeding like a stuck pig and the next week, he’s running home and everything’s okay.  Uhh, what happened?  I thought the cliffhanger was that he might be infected.  I don’t get it.  That’s why there were all those camera shots of his hand, right?  I don’t understand why they dropped this whole dangling cliffhanger.

6. . Carol baked cookies and Sam is scared, but what about it? I guess the people who suspected Carol was just “pretending” to be helpless are pretty much dead, so that means she’s back to being undercover again.  I think.  I don’t understand why they just dropped Carol’s whole storyline.  I thought it related to Sam somehow, because she’s the one who threatened him, so I thought he was going to tell on her or get one of the adults to confront her.  Nope, the whole thing was dropped.  Kinda surprising.

5.  Enid ran off, but where’d she go?  This is probably the most obvious question in the series.  Where did Enid go?  I guess Carl and Ron wanted to go find her, but now the town is surrounded by 1,000 zombies, so nobody’s going anywhere.  I’m guessing we won’t see Enid anytime soon.

walking344. What happened to the Wolves?  These guys trashed Alexandria and just ran off.  Where’d they go?  And what about the guy in the basement Morgan locked up?  Is he starving?  Is he going to escape?  I don’t get this.  There’s a lot of dangling plot threads still unanswered about the Wolves attack, but the show just moved on without answering any of them.  Maybe I’m not giving the show enough time.  Whatever the reason, you’d think the most recent events would be addressed first.  NOPE.

3.  Who are the guys who attacked Daryl?  We don’t know much about the people who attacked Daryl and his two pals, except that they have guns, are pretty organized, and wear jeans.  That’s it.  Oh and one of their leaders is named Wade or Wayne or something.  Pretty vague.  More delaying from this show.  Typical.

2.  Is Deanna ever going to take charge?  Deanna got up the courage to shake the fence not too long ago and that’s the most leadership she’s ever shown.  To a fence.  Will she ever come around and give the town some direction?  

  1.  Is Glenn dead? The biggest dangling plot thread in season six is the non-death of Glenn.  Did the zombies rip apart Nicholas or him?  Or both?  Is he hiding out in the dumpster?  If so, I guess he’s surrounded, so how is Rick and the group going to find him?  Maybe Glenn sends up a flare or sets the zombies on fire or something stupid like that.  Who knows.   The fact remains that fans of the Walking Dead are dying to know what happened to Glenn, and they’re just teasing us at this point, because they KNOW we are waiting for a resolution.  Maybe there’s something in the dumpster he can eat.  Gross.  How many episodes before this thing goes on too long?