Ash vs Evil Dead episode 2

ash7I think the pilot for Ash vs Evil Dead was great, and episode 2 continued the trend.  The second coming was not quite as good as Ash’s initial outing, but it still had the goods.  I was surprised to see everyone’s favorite X-Files substitute Mimi Rogers step in as the guest-star Deadite and she does a good job.  Episode 2 picks up where the pilot left off, with Ash now convinced they have to go to Barnes & Noble to translate the Evil Book and get some answers, but Kelly wanted to save her parents instead.

ash9Episode two felt like it flew by in no time at all.  To be honest, the pilot had more humor, but this time there is better interaction between the characters.  The Ash and Pablo scenes work especially well.  They arrive at Kelly’s house to figure out what’s going on and the Evil Dead plays tricks with Ash.  Guess what?  HE AIN’T BUYING.  Ash’s characterization works.  He’s a know-it-all jackass but that’s okay, because everyone else needs to be clued in and he’s the only one who can do it.

The gore is once again turned up to 11 and they used buckets of blood on episode two.  We get stabbings, head decapitations, chainsaws in the belly and more.  There’s plenty of gore for gore’s sake, and it’s poured on for comedic effect, as Ash hands Pablo a broken bottle for a weapon.  Uhh, yeah.  That was funny right there.  The show knows it’s over-the-top and that’s okay by me.

The only parts I didn’t like were the scenes with Agent Fisher, who continues investigating the death of her partner.  I guess you can’t have Ash on screen all the time, but these scenes went nowhere.  They throw in some rock and roll tunes to appease us.

In all, episode two works.  This review is short because there’s not much to complain about.  It’s a pretty straightforward television show, and it’s not diluted with endless dialogue or melodramatic crap.   Mimi Rogers is fine in her small role and Ash acts like I expected.  I wasn’t surprised or shocked by any of the twists, but I did squint a bit at the buckets of blood.  It’s a good time. OHHH! THAT’S GOTTA HURT!