The Walking Dead SLAMMED – Hey, lay off, it’s only a plot twist

walkingdead21The Walking Dead was slammed today by a lot of major news agencies online, like Forbes and the New York Times, and most of the other ones found something else to complain about.   The ratings have been up a tick, but mostly are a disappointment to me, when I see seasons five and four do way better at similar moments in the year.  Maybe this show has jumped the shark.  It has felt a bit erratic at best, and a big zombie invasion has been inevitable for many episodes. There’s been no surprises.

I will credit the acting, because that is still top notch, even in the character episodes featuring Daryl and Morgan.  Forbes claims there’s really no reason for those episodes, and veering off from the main plot destroyed whatever momentum that was created by the pseudo-death of Glenn.  Not sure I completely agree, but three weeks of wait time was a lot.  Everyone I know has either taken a side or forgotten about it out of sheer boredom.  

I think maybe the show was slightly better in the prison and with The Governor, though I do think the supporting cast is much improved.  I also think the size of the cast has diminished almost everyone, including Rick.  He’s not much more than an angry out-of-touch jerk, as Tara demonstrates.  Rick’s grown only a little, same as Deanna, but you’ve got to wonder what would have happened if they had more time to develop their characters.  

I do think The Walking Dead will continue, but the show is showing a slow descent in the ratings.  The good thing about it is that it has a reputation for changing things up quickly, because we’ve already seen at least two major long-term settings already, so I’m guessing Alexandria could be due for a replacement.  I’m hoping the show doesn’t start with the shock value to grab ratings, like maiming Rick or killing Carl or maybe putting an axe to Maggie.  They just need to work at the character stories, most of all, and grab a villain.  Everybody loves a villain.

As for this episode, it started off well and I liked it overall, but it had me questioning a lot of decisions.  Which writer gave Spencer a stupid pill?  Why is Enid so annoying?  Why can’t Michonne stop frowning?  I will say that it was a cut above some other episodes, and it had great acting, including a cliffhanger which will keep me watching, despite my complaints.  I can’t remember the last time a series had so focused a storyline and kept most of its rabid audience satisfied.  Maybe Battlestar Galactica or Lost, but even those eventually wore out.  Good thing zombies aren’t worn out yet.