The Walking Dead – Mid-Season Snafu?

walkingdead21Okay, so this was a pretty good episode, but it just went on FOREVER and was over before I knew it. Most of the runtime was spent on Rick and a few others, as they sobbed over Deanna, who finally got to do something this season.  Too bad it means her death.  In true Walking Dead style, they just dragged everything out to no end, and Deanna gets the longest death scene in the entire series.  She gets not one, but two discussions with Michonne, and there’s plenty of other redundant stuff in this episode.  

Carl and Ron are a real mystery.  Carl fights with Ron, then covers it all up.  There’s other mysteries.  Sam listens to some 50s music.  Rick and the other corpses decide to smother themselves with crap to sneak out the front door, then the episode ends.  Not in a cliffhanger.  Just right in the middle of some dialogue from the creepy kid.  Eh?

This season has been really hit or miss, and it’s shown up in the ratings.  The first episode was stunning, mostly because it had action and suspense, then nothing else even came close.  There were a couple of character episodes, which pretty much do nothing for me, although the Morgan story at least connected back to other episodes going forward.  I swear, Morgan must have a brain injury or something for all his defense of the whacko guy in the basement.  Then again, Carol tried to top the whacko charts by threatening Morgan.  If I didn’t know better, I’d say they were two different characters.  

Beyond the stupid stuff, there were two things I liked about this episode.  First of all, Tovah Feldshuh really stepped up in the acting department as Deanna.  This was her best episode by far.  Everyone else does a fine job, but there’s no standout scenes like those for Deanna.  Second, the Guy in the Basement and his story is a pleasant surprise.  The writing is just great.  The themes are excellent.  Morgan versus Carol is like a battle of divergent philosophies.  It works.  Their characters suffer a little, but the story makes up for it.

In all, this was a decent episode.   It works a little better than most of the season, but it still drags like a 90 year old.  At least Carl has something to do, but his storyline with Ron makes no sense.  Maybe I’m complaining too much on this one.  It’s too bad the whole thing wasn’t a complete episode, but I guess they have to tease us with something.