Great Debate: The Batman v Superman Trailer sucks

bats1I really don’t think Warner Brothers will EVER get it through their thick skull what comic book fans want to see in a comic book movie.  It seems as if the studio is just embarrassed by comic books.  They don’t want to present them as what they are.  They want to change crap and redesign it and dumb it down or glam it up with more stupid crap than is necessary.  They don’t get that we LIKE all fun and silly stuff in comic books.  We like costumes and action and all the contrived BS in our nonsensical stories. We actually like that stuff.

I actually am grateful that these Marvel movies are around because Superman v Batman will NEVER live up to expectations and Warner Brothers will NEVER get it.  Just look at the Avengers movie and you can see that Marvel GETS it.  That’s a comic book come to life.  It’s literally a living panel by panel comic, with humor and dumb crap and stupid plot points and fights all mixed together into one great story.  So what if it’s mostly contrived.  That’s what we like.  It’s the opposite of what we’ve got from the WB in crap like Man of Steel, Superman Returns, Green Lantern, and just about every other modern DC movie which tries to center on superheroes.

I think Warner came the closest to success with Watchmen, but they are scared of single superhero movies, even though Marvel can succeed with C-List properties like Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man, even if that success is modest by comparison.  Looking at the latest Batman v Superman trailer makes me want to throw something to be honest.  It’s got endless stuff crammed in there that doesn’t need to be there, just like Man of Steel had irrelevant crap everywhere in the story too, but only now we’ve got twice as much of it in the new trailer.  We’ve got more heroes and more one-dimensional villains than ever before.  I’ve never been so disappointed with a trailer.

The beginning of the trailer shows Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent.  It’s a good scene.  Bruce Wayne drives an Aston Martin, so he can’t be all bad, right?  Yes, actually, he can. Bruce Wayne is an asshole in this trailer.  He doesn’t seem like a playboy philanthropist to me, instead his character is acting like a bitter teen snubbed on prom night.  What’s his problem?  Who knows.  Maybe somebody he knew died in the attack on Metropolis.  He is prejudiced against Superman from the start, and it shows.

So if that wasn’t bad enough, then I saw Jesse Eisenberg being Lex Luthor.  No that’s not right, it’s actually Jesse Eisenberg being Jesse Eisenberg all over again, like he is in every other movie he’s in.  Once again, he’s a sarcastic, quick talking guy.  He doesn’t seem like a powerful businessman.  He doesn’t feel untouchable or imposing.  He’s got some snappy jokes and that’s it, like some sort of game show host.  Even the Kevin Spacey Lex Luthor was closer to the real character than that.  To be honest, I don’t think we’ve EVER got the comic book Lex Luthor on-screen.  He’s always been different.  I don’t get it.  What’s so hard about a powerful businessman who controls so much that he’s hard to touch?

After we get Bruce and Lex, there’s some more crap about Lex’s big plan to kill Superman.  It seems to me like he’s trying to create his own Superman, which seems like the perfect opportunity for Bizarro, but instead we get Doomsday.  Except it isn’t Doomsday.  It’s just some generic monster dressed up to look like a ninja turtle.  I don’t get that either.

Then there’s the end, with the contrived dialogue and Batman holding a gun.  I don’t get this part of the trailer either.  The less I think about it the better.

In all, this is a stupid trailer.  If it was only Superman and Batman and Lex, then this could have been pure gold, but instead it’s got way too much going on.  Not to mention, the trailer almost telegraphs the movie’s plot and lays everything out for us.  I don’t think there’s many other spoilers to be had, unless maybe Superman dies or something.  That would not be good.

In all, this is a dumb trailer.