Great Debate: Why is it cool to hate the prequels?

starwars9The hate for the Star Wars prequels is just coming out of the woodwork this week.  I think because the new movie is due out very soon, everyone is just bananas about everything Star Wars, including dumbing on the prequels.  It’s now fashion to hate the prequels and say that they are trash.  I’ve seen almost a dozen video retrospectives come out in the last month “reviewing” the prequels, but most of them are light on the “review” and more about repeating the same thing everyone else says.

Don’t get me wrong, the Star Wars prequels have a lot of flaws.  I think the main problem is that they were made by a conglomeration of George Lucas yes-men and overthink simple ideas, like the concept of the Force.  The first movie is almost entirely unnecessary and filled with ridiculous concepts.

Something like the above paragraph has been common this month and it’s a trap even I fell into right there for three sentences.  It’s easy to trash the prequels because almost everyone has seen them and a very vocal segment of that group has seen/written reviews ad nauseam.  What’s the most common prequel hate?  Here’s some:

10.  The prequels have no main character.

9.  The prequels contradict the original trilogy.

8.  The prequels are boring.

7.  The political overtones used in the prequels are boring.

6.  Anakin didn’t turn to the darkside, he was always on the darkside.

5.  Anakin and Padme’s romance is hard to believe.

4.  The fight scenes are too choreographed.

3.  The plot is dumb.  And filled with dumb stuff.  With dumb dialogue.

2.  Darth Maul shouldn’t have died so early/ Darth Maul is dumb

  1.  Anakin is whiny and annoying.  And dumb.

I repeat these things not to perpetuate the hate but to point out that almost none of these complaints have to do with any real analyzing or thematic analysis.  That doesn’t make them false, just stuff I don’t need to hear over and over and over again.  Yeah, I get it, Episode 1 is annoying.  I get that.  Okay, you’re cool on YouTube yelling about Jar-Jar.  In other news, water is wet.

So what is the theme of the prequel trilogy?  The theme is perspectives, as Anakin spelled out to us in Episode 3, thanks to the bad script.  From his perspective, the Jedi were evil.  And for the most part, he’s right.  They were corrupt.  And they didn’t seem very concerned about peace and justice anymore, just preserving their own power.  In some ways, this theme is way underdeveloped, and probably could have filled a whole movie.  Instead we get trade disputes and jumping over java.  I don’t get it.

In all, the Star Wars prequels missed the boat in trying to address key themes.  Not to mention they hardly touched on the Clone Wars, a huge event mentioned in the original trilogy.   I’m really getting tired of hearing this over and over again.  I think I’d rather do anything else than watch another episode 1 review, mainly because it usually has clips of episode 1 in it.  As for me, I will only jump on a so-called bandwagon if the new Star Wars movie is horrible.  If it’s too slow or doesn’t make sense or is not FUN.  Where’s the FUN in STAR WARS?  Coming to a theater near you, hopefully.