Star Wars Predicting

starwars8I haven’t seen this much hype in a while, but this Star Wars movie looks like it will be a fun experience.  I was reading one “trailer review” and the guy speaking said that the trailer revealed hardly anything about the plot, but another review I watched said the opposite.  I guess people take away different things from trailers, just like the movie watching experience.  For me, the trailers have been good at not spoiling everything, but giving a distinct flavor of what the movie is about.  

I think the trailers pretty much all have the same tone and substance, but they all work to fit into the hype engine.  They have a couple of nostalgic moments, but I don’t think the plot as clear-cut as some people make it out to be.  The movie probably opens with Rey on Tatooine, where she encounters Han Solo at a bar or something like that.  She blows him off until she realizes she needs somebody like that to fight the guys shooting at her in TIE Fighters.  

In one of the trailers you can see Finn and Rey running from the TIE Fighters, so both of them might need Han Solo’s help at one point. Since the Millennium Falcon crashes in the trailer, it’s obvious they didn’t get away.  All of them are probably captured.   They make a daring escape in a shuttle or something, and Kylo Ren pursues them.  Finn and Kylo Ren cross paths and apparently go toe to toe, if the trailer was any indication.  I’m think that is at the end of the movie, though.  

Before Kylo Ren tracks them down, I think Rey and Finn end up finding Luke Skywalker.  Maybe by mistake or maybe Leia sends them there.  Either way, there is some training or wisdom imparted by Luke.  After that, we get more of the villains and we learn about the New Order’s secret weapon.  Maybe they test it on something, but that’d be too much like the original Star Wars I think.  I think Snape fits into the middle part of the movie, as he sets Kylo Ren on his mission or something.

So the ending is a complete mystery, but probably involves the rebel assault on the New Order’s base.  The showdown between Kylo Ren and Finn takes place at the same time, probably.  I’m not sure what happens, and I’ve been actively trying to read spoilers for the longest time, but it’s so hard!  Everywhere you turn, there’s Star Wars stuff.  Every commercial break on every show on every network has a Star Wars promo.  The hype is real.