Top Ten Star Wars Moments

starwars44 In honor of Episode 7, these are the most memorable Star Wars moments, or at least the best ones I can remember.  

10.  The Cantina Scene in Star Wars: A New Hope – Yes, the original Cantina bar scene was great, and wouldn’t be the same without the music, which is probably the most repeated Star Wars music snippet ever played.  It also has the most controversy, as George Lucas changed part of the scene, so Greedo tried to shoot Han Solo first, as opposed to getting slaughtered under the table by the vicious Solo.  Actually, I don’t get this change.  I think George Lucas has always been defensive about his work, especially Star Wars.  Either that, or he likes making us buy the same movie over and over.  And over.

9.  Darth Maul Duel in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace – Speaking of music, John Williams probably wrote the best piece in all of Star Wars during this scene in The Phantom Menace.  It’s huge and features a full choir.  I can’t get over this music.  The duel itself is nothing without this piece of music.

8.  Destruction of Alderaan in Star Wars: A New Hope – When I first saw the destruction of Princess Leia’s home planet, I was blown away.  Peter Cushing makes this scene and carries it with his awesomeness.  He uses that evil British voice to intimate the Princess and seems to get what he wants, but then turns around and destroys the planet anyway.  Now that’s evil.

7.  The Death of Boba Fett – Not because it’s awesome, but because this scene leaves me squinting at the screen.  Was George Lucas unaware of how popular Boba Fett was?  Seriously?  Luke kills him in about thirty seconds and a stupid Saarlac pit monster thing burbs him down like a root beer.  Stupid.

6.  The Vader Dream Sequence in Empire Strikes Back – The whole training scene with Yoda is pretty memorable, but it’s taken to a whole new level when Luke finds Darth Vader in a dark cave.  It’s obvious a dream or a philosophical statement or an allegory or some crap.  Either way, it’s scares Luke and probably freaks out kids.  The whole thing is about Luke versus himself and his struggle to give up his weapons, in order to embrace the Force.

5.  The Trench Run in Star Wars: A New Hope – This might be the most iconic finale in sci-fi, except maybe for ET ascending to the stars or Planet of the Apes when Charlton Heston punches some sand with his fist.  It shows Luke’s trust in Obi-Wan Kenobi and acceptance of the FORCE, that thing that is mysterious and powerful or whatever.  I used to have a copy of the original original movie, and the models were clunky but George Lucas made us buy Star Wars again in the 90s when he remastered this scene with CGI, giving us computer models of the X-Wings and TIE Fighters.  It’s about the only thing I like about the remastered versions.

4.  The Millennium Falcon flies INTO the Death Star in Return of the Jedi – Lando pilots the Falcon during the battle of Endor and this scene is suspenseful.  I  like it mostly because of the special effects, as the Falcon shoots out of the Death Star just as it explodes.  Lando’s reaction is great.  It works as heroic fodder and good action.

3.  The Binary Sunset Scene in Star Wars: A New Hope – This scene fits Luke to a tee and it’s very moving.  You can just imagine what he’s thinking about at that moment, as he stars off at the sunset on Tatooine.  He’s longing to do something greater, something more than just be a menial farmer.  It works as foreshadowing and speaks to the audience too, showing us what Luke is about, instead of a scene of endless dialogue.

2.  Han is FROZEN in Carbonite in Empire Strikes Back – I guess there’s a lot to like about this scene, but it sure is depressing.  For one, the dialogue from Han Solo is terrific and fits his character.  Originally, I heard Han Solo was going to say “I love you too” in response to Leia, but they changed it to “I know”, and that’s Han Solo right there.  The music, the performances, and Darth Vader all work together to make this scene great.  Even the sound of Han Solo’s frozen slab hitting the ground is great.  THUMP! Uhh, yeah, he’s seen better days.

1.No, I AM YOUR FATHER – Did you expect anything else?  This is the most iconic Star Wars moment in history.   Honestly, I think Darth Vader does want Luke to join him.  He’s not trying to trick him or pull a fast one like Peter Cushing.  That’s what really evil about the scene.  Darth Vader just asks Luke to become an evil dude and expects it.  After all, Vader beat him down, so there’s not much more Luke can do, right?  I bet Vader was surprised when Luke discovered an alternative.