Star Wars First Impressions – no spoilers

starwars6I think this is the only movie that I’ve seen that can repeat the same plotlines as before and still make a billion dollars.  Beyond that, the new Star Wars by JJ Abrams is exciting and fun, and gives the expecting fan everything they could ever want.  It does even a little more than expected, with new characters and secrets, the perfect flavor for a new trilogy.

 The best thing about The Force Awakens is its characters and the performances were way beyond my expectations.  Both Daisy Ridley and Jon Boyega can show even the smallest emotion on their faces and they really know how to sell the action scenes.  I agree with other reviewers who have said that JJ Abrams played it safe with this Star Wars installment, but if this is safe, then I’m not sure I want a risky picture.

The nostalgia bits were pure joy, and the action was really exciting.  There are several action scenes that are paced very well, and all of them work.  Only Empire Strikes Back is better in combining action, adventure, and wonder, which the Millennium Falcon delivers as it zips and twirls through the air.  Speaking of the Falcon, it joins with the others as a main character in The Force Awakens.

In all, this movie is very well made and looks amazing.  The first act sucks you in and it has some of the best parts in the movie.  Only the last act has some disappointments, but they are mostly forgivable in the face of performances from Daisy Ridley, Jon Boyega and Adam Driver.  Driver is especially evil and Ridley is great in her role as an innocent newcomer.  The Force does awaken in this movie, and it’s up to the next one to deliver on a high quality standard.  Hopefully, they mix up the plot a little and give us a great new plot to go with our great new characters.