#Sherlock the Christmas Special: A review that’s not a dream

sherlock20The Sherlock Christmas Special starring Benedict Cumberbatch was jam-packed with plot elements and different, strange revelations, almost too many for me to keep up with.  Almost.  The Abominable Bride was broadcast on PBS and in the UK to the tune of over 8 million viewers and if that’s not a success, I don’t know what is.  The popularity of everyone involved is cemented in stone–or more like made out of impenetrable titanium because that’s what you get when you combine some now A-List actors with one of the most well-known literary figures ever.

sherlock19The plot itself is nonsensical, but that’s nothing new to this series.  I never expected them to play it straight, like they were doing a reenactment of the Jeremy Brett series or something.  I was actually enjoying the first half of the episode a great deal and it’s better than everything they’ve done before, barring A Study in Pink.  It had little details everyone could enjoy and nods to Sherlockians too.

sherlock18After Sherlock deduces the whole mystery, Moriarty shows up and says, “Hey that’s too easy” and everything zips to the modern-day.  This is where the episode has a few bumps, but it’s funny and amazing how they connect everything in continuity together.  Sherlock is on his plane, called back by his brother, but there isn’t much follow-up after that.  He decides to pursue the 100-year-old cold case and dig up The Bride.  

I thought the whole episode was a setup for how Moriarty could have survived shooting himself in the head, but that wasn’t the case.  “No one survives that,” Sherlock says.  And there I was confused.  Moriarty is dead and Sherlock is going to take him on next season.  Say what?  Is Moriarty really attacking Sherlock posthumously or is it all in his head?  That was the cliffhanger I guess.

In all, this was a good episode with a lot of self-referential crap, but that’s not unlike any other episode.  The difference is, this one has the enjoyable detail and the meta-innuendo people will be talking about for a while.  However, reducing the suffragettes to a Klan of murderesses is pretty dumb, I must admit that.  The real treat is the detail they put into the whole thing.  The point of this episode was reflected in its complexity and I’m alright with that, but pay attention or you’ll miss something.