The X-Files in 2016 and I’m getting flashbacks

xfiles2I was a big, big fan of the X-Files back when it originally aired and I was getting flashbacks when I saw the first of six episodes this Sunday.  I remember the X-Files very fondly, and I even went to the fan-expo when it came around to my town, getting an autograph from Laurie Holden, who played Marita Covarrubias, an obscure face from an opaque time.  So anyway, a blogger with a limo decides to meet Mulder and Scully, in order to blow the lid off the biggest conspiracy ever conceived in the history of humanity.  Yeah, I guess this new guy’s either full of himself or this show is thinking big.  Or both.  Or neither.

I think the biggest complaint about The X-Files movies was that there weren’t enough aliens.  This is what the first episode has in spades.  It’s not dancing around it or dealing with it through stories or showing investigations into legends or myths.  They show aliens.  They show people shooting aliens.  This is quite a change from the usual X-Files episode, but presenting stories from different perspectives is not.  Mulder has questioned the truth before, but seeing him do it again is refreshing.  It’s at least better than arresting guys harvesting organs, like in the second movie.

xfiles3I thought the beginning of the first episode was perfect, then it got a little muddled and ended with a vague resolution.  Mulder muddles around with the most complicated techno-babble I’ve ever heard, short of a Star Trek movie, and Scully shakes her head like she’s always done.  You’d think Mulder would have learned by now.  It’s basically the same formula as always, with the show doubling back on itself, which leaves me squinting.  As usual.

I think this episode was a little hit and miss.  The beginning was great.  They weren’t beating around the bush on this one and the whole thing felt like a bath of nostalgia, though the whole show feels stuck in the 90s.  I thought Gillian Anderson’s characterization felt a little forced, as she switched motivations and opinions two or three times, but she did fine overall, I guess.  Audiences probably got what they were expecting, but this episode veered into mysteriousness and techno-weird, which is just par for the course, I think.  At the end of the day, the episode made no sense at all, but that’s the beauty of The X-Files.

My Top 10 Questions:

  1.  How is the Cigarette Smoking Man Alive?  Wasn’t he blown up?
  2. Okay, so is Scully going to publish her DNA findings or what?
  3. Where did Bill O’Reilly go?  How can a media figure just disappear without any sign?
  4. How did Mulder get in the FBI building without calling Skinner first?
  5. Why is Scully driving a Ford?
  6. Who was The Bearded Man w/ Hat?
  7. Why did the mysterious craft blow up Sveta’s car?  Wasn’t she discredited already?
  8. What’s up with Scully’s hair?
  9. Where did the alien technology go?  Why did they blow up their own project?
  10. Where are all the aliens?

Postscript: 13.5 million people watched this episode.