How a were-lizard ate the X-Files #X-files

xfiles10Monsters and aliens (mostly monsters) continue to draw in millions and millions of viewers to watch a show written over ten years ago.  The latest episode of The X-Files was written by Darin Morgan, who has written the most quirky and humorous of all X-Files episodes, like Humbug and Jose Chung’s From Outer Space. These are most people’s favorites.  A long time ago, Morgan and Frank Spotnitz were writing on the stupid remake series of The Night Stalker, and never got to do this episode, so Morgan dug it out of his drawer, polished it off, and dropped in a fake-Night Stalker for The X-Files.  

In a way, the classic 70s series The Night Stalker is just like The X-files.  It’s practically the same series,  except  nobody remembers The Night Stalker or his yellow Mustang.  It’s an awesome Mustang.  Why doesn’t anybody remember this TV series?  He investigates strange crimes and fights monsters.  It’s the X-Files.  They can obsess over a 90s show for years and years, but nobody remembers Kolchak.  I don’t get it.

xfiles8Anyway, Kolchak is pretty much the main character of this episode of The X-Files, except he’s a lizard who transforms into a human at random.  Mulder has a lot of screentime too, as he tries to figure this guy out.  But the most memorable scene is not between Kolchak and Mulder, but Mulder and Scully.  Mulder rambles about Kolchak and the case in this scene, and Scully doesn’t have any dialogue, because Mulder anticipates what she is going to say, like an old married couple or something.  It’s classic X-Files.

The funny thing about this short season is that it has a lot of different things going on.  It’s veering all over the place with it’s tone, but I guess that’s what the TV show did too.  Anyway, it’s sorta strange to me.  First, the show is a heavy alien conspiracy show all over again, then Mulder and Scully are investigating monsters and staying in hotels like it’s season one.  It’s kinda funny.

Overall, this was a pretty good episode.  It had a lot of nostalgia, just like all the episodes, but this time, it was a lot more understated.  The episode was like watching Kolchak, The Night Stalker, and reliving some of Darin Morgan’s most popular X-Files episodes all at the same time.  I can’t remember The X-Files dwelling on werewolves for very long, and this one teases us with a twist on werewolf lore, which is just awesome because the show doesn’t play it straight.  It’s not a straight werewolf story.  I don’t think anybody wants that.  I don’t think anybody was expecting that, least of all me.  What we got was a lot better.