A Waste of a Good Don Johnson #dusktildawn

dusk4Without too many spoilers, From Dusk Til Dawn the Series commits a cardinal sin in killing off my 80s hero, Don Johnson.  The guy is in one episode, carries the thing, delivers the best dialogue of the show and is shot for good measure.  Okay, semi-spoilers.  Apparently, after getting shot and killed in this episode, I am told megastar Don Johnson appears in 6 more episodes.  How? I have no clue.  In any case, that’s at least some consolation for having to watch the bad guys win.  I don’t get this series.

This show takes itself very seriously and delivers a high-dose of tension, which works some of the time.  Mostly, the scenes which set up the whole thing are crafted by Johnson, as he acts out a little story of an aging Texas Ranger, and he cruises the town with his pal, your stereotypical rookie with a family.  This backwoods town apparently has a liquor store and becomes a magnet for hot chicks and bank robbers.  Too bad.

dusk2Jesse Garcia plays the other Ranger, and he’s just a regular guy with an above-average dialogue delivery. He’s not written to carry a scene and that works just fine, because Garcia does well as a supporting cast member.    By the end, the show painted Garcia as the main character and I would be interested to know if he did it or not, way back in 2014 when this show aired.  

dusk3So anyway, some guys I’ve never heard of play the Gecco brothers, originally played by George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino in the movies.  Clooney’s Seth Gecco is now a total psycho and any semblance of being an anti-hero is gone.  He sees weird visions and some hot chicks put the boots to him by the end because of his stupid psycho attitude.  Good for them.  The other guy is more sane, but his dialogue is bland and has no punch.  He doesn’t have the charisma and charm of Quentin Tarantino either.

Overall, the pilot for this show was a decent start, but you can see where they need to make improvements.  For one, don’t leave your heroes in the dirt looking like total idiots.  And second, don’t shoot and kill Don Johnson.  He at least needs a cool car.  Oh well.  I will say that the show does have me fantasizing about how the Gecco brothers will die, and I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.  Lastly, weren’t there vampires in this thing?  Confusing.