This X-Files review is not trash #Xfiles

xfiles12How did a trash man with a band-aid work his way into the X-Files?  This is similar that golem episode in one of the past seasons of the X-Files, but with an urban twist, not a Jewish one.  A starving artist explains his whole nefarious scheme in one long exposition dump, but it’s sorta like an accident, because he didn’t mean to “will” his creation into existence or something.  There’s just too much energy in his art, or some rattletrap explanation like that.  I couldn’t follow it to be honest.  Anyway, this one feels like very comfortable for Mulder and Scully, who try to save the day, but don’t accomplish much.

This episode was also a mashing together of another common X-Files theme: family.  Family deaths, in other words.  The amount of death in the family episodes in The X-Files has got to be setting a record. The most popular of the family-death genre has to be either the death of Scully’s father in Beyond the Sea or the death of Scully’s sister in Apocrypha.  Beyond the Sea is the better of the two episodes, and this episode has touches of that same emotion, though the story feels disjointed and uneven because other crap is thrown in too, like Scully’s Mom’s last words, some mysterious coin she wore, Charlie Scully, and don’t forget William.  Yes, once again, Scully’s son William is teased during this episode and she sobs over giving him up like last episode.  Poor thing.

Mulder in this episode feels muted and he really doesn’t do much but react to the different Scully situations.  David Duchovny’s performance is fine and his hair looks freshly dyed, so I was getting flashbacks to other episodes I’ve watched.  But then they threw in a literal flashback to remind us that these characters have done some of these same things before, with relatives in the hospital and with each other in the hospital.  Is The X-Files becoming bogged down in its own continuity?  

Anyway, this episode was alright, but it wasn’t hitting it out of the ballpark either.  In fact, Mulder and Scully don’t save anybody and really don’t solve anything either, as the killer protecting the homeless kills everybody and takes off.  It must sound like I hated this episode, but I didn’t.  I like the ambiance it created and the direction was perfect, perhaps even better than other episodes with the same tone.  The sets and the decor was great, as well.  Honestly, I’m just waiting for the next revelation to drop, because they’ve done enough teasing, haven’t they?  Is William going to walk in and hug his Mom?  Is Mulder going to uncover another UFO?  Where’s the Smoking Man?  Is Scully really an alien?  Only the finale will tell us.