The Walking Dead MidSeason Premiere Shoots For the Chest #TheWalkingDead

walkingdead23 Okay, this show just got real, and because it was all-action, all-the-time, there wasn’t much to complain about.  This is really what happened at the beginning of the season, but this time there’s a way better lead in and thematically, the show is in a better place.  You could see the theme all over the episode, as Gabriel preaches about it and Rick ends the episode telling us about it.  

The episode begins with a bang, and it doesn’t stop there.  It builds to a crescendo, where everyone joins in on the zombie slashing.  This reaches a fever pitch, and the show edges close to parody, but I don’t think it steps over the line with the slashing montage.  The slashing montage embodied what I think the episode was all about, and pretty much what Rick’s whole character was leading up to.  His confidence in humanity is restored, as everyone joins together like one big zombie zerg-fest.  No more holding hands for these guys!

walkingdead24Everybody gets confidence in this episode, even Eugene and Father Gabriel.  I was squinting at the screen at one point, wondering where it was coming from, but then I figure everyone gets a little more backbone in a crisis.  Everyone can change, just like Denise believed.  Unlike last year, the themes were all over the place. 

 Honestly, Abraham and Daryl carried the beginning of the episode and hooked me.  And although Daryl sorta disappeared through the middle, the show was able to sneak in some character development in between all the action.  That was good to see.  

In all, the midseason premiere was a great time.  Everyone had a little moment and that was interesting, but the show centered on Rick, which I thought was a good way to go.  I think they could have gone one-dimensional with a couple characters, but they treated everyone fairly, even the ones they killed off.  This episode was about confidence and coming together, so I’m guessing this is the theme being tested the rest of the season. Fear the Negan.