#TheXFiles Mulder versus Lawyers on Monday

I almost forgot The X-Files was on Monday at 8, because I was so caught up in watching “Better Call Saul”, which was running all day.  What’s with this show?  I’ve never watched it before, but it’s so well-acted that it’s easy to just keep the TV going and keep watching every episode, one after the other.  All of them flow together so easily.  Then there’s The X-Files, which it’s doing it’s own thing, as it tries to be topical and not-so-subtle in about the same way as the jokes on Saul.

The tone for Episode 5 is all over the place, ranging from a serious story about terrorism, to a trippy farce like Cheech & Chong.  I didn’t really even mind that part, but it was the stupid generic way the show dealt with Muslims and terrorist threats and stuff like that, which made me sorta annoyed.  At the beginning of the show, I was guessing that the plot was going to reveal a twist and show somebody framing those Muslim guys or something, but that never happened.  They’re villains and that’s it.  Everything was pretty generic and that was disappointing.  

At this point, the show has pretty much done everything, even the Mulder and Scully look-a-likes.  I seem to remember a couple episodes where somebody was pretending to be Mulder, a long time ago when David Duchovny had his original hair color.  Agent Spender always seemed like a Mulder look-a-like to me anyway, back in the day.  Vince and the writing crew seem to be recycling old dialogue bits too, and old scene gags, like the “I want to believe…” speech.  “Better Call Saul” feels twenty times more fresh and dynamic by comparison.  

The episode does have its moments, but it’s just generic, one-sided, and all over the place.  I didn’t even like the ending, with the tacked on exposition that ran too long.  So Mulder takes this placebo and SOMEHOW discovers the name of a lonely hotel in Texas where the terrorists are hiding out.  Somehow.  By the power of magic or some crap.  He just comes up with it out of his ass.  I hated the Mulder and Scully look-a-likes, even though the two actors seem to be good at what they do.  They are just there to fulfill a joke the writers are trying to put over on us.  At least they were serious about it when they slipped in Doggett and Reyes a long time ago.  Now it’s a joke.  I wonder if the writers are trying to make fun of what came before, as if suggesting Mulder and Scully can only be copied, not replaced.  At least that I agree with.