The Walking Dead Runs Ahead and Confuses Me #thewalkingdead

walkingdead21So The Walking Dead skips ahead two months and we’re back to some sort of boring normalcy, which reminds me of some of the episodes last season, and that’s not really a good thing.  On the other hand, this is a good setting for fan-service, so we get treated to Rick and Michonne making out and a Jesus debut, the later of which I enjoyed.  The former I could do without.   Is this a soap opera?  

This episode felt leisurely.  There was no sense of drama, especially when the characters were wandering in the woods, as in previous episodes.  This isn’t a mistake, because I could tell that this is what they were going for.  Everyone was spending time with each other and building some sort of friendly spirit, which was good to see.  I’m not sure I would go back in the woods after what happened last episode, but whatever.  Some time has passed, I guess, even though it really doesn’t feel like it.

I think it was last season when Michonne last had any character developments.  She’s often been a background figure, although important to the family unit of Rick, Carl, and Judith.  She’s living in his house for god’s sake, like some sort of glorified roommate.  Clearly, Michonne is the support of the show, so putting her in a romantic role really changes her character and Rick’s too.  This further indicates Rick’s comfort as the de facto leader and moves him away from psycho-speech-making.  

I could see the writers either just dismiss the Rick/Michonne coupling, putting the status quo back in place, or move it forward as some sort of partnership.  Besides, Michonne is already pretty much taking care of Judith, so I’m not sure how they could further change the status quo, besides holding hands and telling everybody they’re in luv.  I’m guessing that won’t happen.  Hopefully.

Shuffling between the fan-service, we have houdini Jesus acting as the latest catalyst for chasing around somebody new, like they needed more characters.  What happened to Morgan? Carol?  What about that guy who used to hang out with Daryl?  Where’s he?  Maggie’s part was again downsized into some stupid cameo meant to be emotional.  Dumb.  Instead we get Carl and Enid again, who are back to talking to each other, after not talking to each other.  Guess what, the episode ends with them fighting and not talking to each other.  Big surprise.

This one just felt strange, as if everyone just moved on for no reason after almost being decimated by 2 million zombies.  Nothing the power of positivity can’t handle, I guess.  Now they’re back to wandering the woods like nothing’s happened.  Carl’s fine, just a scratch, and the walls are back as solid as steel, despite their zombie Deanna taking a hike to the forest, which nobody apparently noticed.  The writers have scraped their status quo back together, after teasing its destruction for most of the season.  Seems to me that didn’t really have a plan after all, so there’s no moving on from Alexandria.  At least not until Negan shows up.