What happened to Kevin Costner?

criminal1I don’t which is worse, 3 Days to Kill (2014) or Kevin Costner’s latest crappy movie, Criminal (2016).  His career developing the opposite of Liam Neeson, who starred in a low-budget action movies late in  his career too, except Taken was actually good.   3 Days to Kill (2014) was not a very good movie, but it made money so Costner is back with another attempt at a mundane action thriller.  There’s nothing in Criminal that hasn’t been done in a Jason Bourne movie and done better.  Is some of it entertaining?  It’s debatable.

The cast of this movie is really spectacular, so you might wonder how this movie can ever be bad.  It has Gal Gadot being bland, but besides her stupid performance, there’s Ryan Reynolds, Tommy Lee Jones, Alice Eve, and Gary Oldman, all in one movie.  Surprisingly, Kevin Costner puts on the best performance, but that may be because he’s the only one who has a character.  Gary Oldman spends most of the time looking angsty and Alice Eve disappears.

This is one instance where the script really failed the movie.  I can see the actors really putting their all out there, and Kevin Costner is no exception.  He goes full bore and gives a layered performance, especially as he develops with another person’s memories.  Matt Damon has a similar approach in The Bourne Identity, but he struggles with missing memories, not another person’s memories, which I think connects better with the audience.  Nobody can relate to having another person’s memories.  

criminal3The plot fails to live up to expectations.  It zips around at an uneven pace and has a lot of plot holes.  The movie has a villain like it’s trying to be James Bond or something, but he sits behind a computer for most of the movie.  The directing isn’t too bad, but the editing is terrible.  The movie tries to explain a lot of stuff, because there’s plenty of stupid plot points.  Unfortunately, those explanations are lame and most of it doesn’t make sense.  The villain spends a lot of time controlling weapons with his amazing hacking skills, but this doesn’t feel modern or new.  Quite the opposite, because most of this movie feels like it belongs in the 90s, with its outlandish plot and over-the-top details.

To be honest, Kevin Costner should probably do another Western, because he’s no Liam Neeson.  And it’s not even Costner’s acting because his performance is way better than in 3 Days to Kill, but it doesn’t help that the script sucks.  Kevin Costner’s next movie is Hidden Figures (2017) but he’s not the lead.  I’m not surprised.