How did they afford the Blue Man Group?

This episode was pretty good, and the Blue Man Group makes a guest appearance.  Cole and Ramsey are back together carrying the show again, which is good to see.  They have some good interaction and the dialogue is awesome at the beginning.  This episode didn’t top itself in the trippy department, but it came close as the Blue Man Group tried to kill Cassie and the Doctor.  

monkey2So I get this show now, and it’s okay with not revealing much of the whys and hows as driving the thrills and drama forward.  Kinda like the X-Files, I really don’t think we’ll ever get “the truth”.  The apocalypse of the week is this show’s favorite flavor.  Cole and Ramsey are both going after who is behind the apocalypse this time, which I guess is different because they’re doing it together.  

The scenes with Dr Jones are the strongest, as she laughs like a psycho trying to outwit the Blue Man Group.  These guys are disposable villains, and it’s like she knows it.  She just reeks of cool, man.  She rigs the machine to blow and smiles sadistically, then says oops.   Pretty funny.  This awesomeness is only topped by Jennifer Goines attempting to speed date like a psycho.  It’s like battle of the psychos.  Pretty good TV.

Amanda Schull sneaks in there as Cassie and I was beginning to wonder if she was only going to be a token kidnap victim or what.  The show did a lot more than that, as she seems to get caught up in the time machine madness too, despite her best efforts at playing dumb.  What works best is that Cole and Cassie are separated for the length of the show, but end up rounding out the conclusion with a bang.  Well, not really a bang.  Not yet, anyway, because Cassie has Cole at gunpoint and the show ends with a cliffhanger.  Yeah okay I get it, I’ll watch the next one.

Overall, the season 2 opener really works.  The role reversal also works, as Cassie is now the killer and Cole is the caring humanitarian.  It’s too bad SyFy won’t get the word out because this show deserves it.  Where’s the publicity?  Put out more pictures of Amanda Schull or something.  Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see if the show continues to pit Cassie against Cole, which could work because opposite attract.  Most of the time.