Don’t Cause a Paradox in WWII with your 12Monkeys #12monkeys

monkey6Episode numero three was another solid one from the 12 Monkeys team, but it fooled me into thinking it was going to be a 40s romance, which I guess was a dumb assumption, because Cassie hates Cole’s guts.  You’ve got to hand to this show for keeping the Cassie/Cole chemistry alive, in whatever format.  Just like The X-Files, you know what happens when you put them together.  Crappy episodes and a baby.  Save me.  Anyway, just like Quantum Leap, Cassie and Cole have to go back in time to set right what once went wrong, and that’s episode 3 of this series.  There’s some complicated new plot the Blue Man Group is hatching.  Awesomeness.

Maybe they fired some of the writers from last year, because the pace and dialogue of the series just seems better for some reason.  Kirk Acevedo has more to do and they’ve added a couple of complementary characters that fit pretty well into the story.  That’s good.  Todd Stashwick plays Deacon with a little less bite in this episode, but he still puts a gun to Ramsey’s head and says when.  Strange stuff happened and ate people.  Uh oh.

monkey5Cassie and Cole are in 1944 to stop the Blue Man Group, which is the Club Big Bad of the series now.  Apparently these evil villains have a plan to stop time or control it somehow or achieve immortality.  Something like that.  Anyway, once Cassie and Cole fail to stop the Blue Men like a short guy trying to dunk a basketball.  Yeah, embarrassing.  That doesn’t stop the show from building toward a second climax once it’s fooled us with the first, so that’s kinda tricky.  I like how they did that.  

The show embraces their new plot device in this episode, and it works.  They’ve been teasing the plague and mentioning it occasionally, but now The Blue Man Group’s (diabolical) plan is to create a paradox and break stuff. This confuses me.  But that’s okay, cause it’s 12 Monkeys.  These guys wanna do bad stuff.  Moving on.

I like how they’ve set up Cole as the experienced brains of the outfit in this episode.  It’s a thread that’s been going on for a while, which in turn sets up Cassie as the outsider who knows doctor stuff (like Scully!), so she can ask the questions the audience is thinking.  “Hey, what happened here?! Why is that crazy guy saying crazy stuff??!  Why is that guy blue?!”  It works.  

Overall, this is a good episode.  It’s sorta transitional, but it has a climax and an actual story, which I can appreciate, then they tack on a non-conclusion conclusion to make us come back for more.  That’s good.  I’m guessing time is collapsing because of the paradox created at the end of the episode, which is Not Good <tm>.  They should have hired Scott Bakula.  He knows how to time travel and get the job done.  Maybe they didn’t have a hologram for him.   Anyway, it should be interesting to see how they get out of this mess.