Episode four and five are both low in saturated fat and gluten free #12monkeys

monkeys1Kirk Acevedo carries episode four of the 12 Monkeys and you’ve got to respect him for that.  He’s got a more even performance and his dialogue is better.  That’s probably because he’s almost in every scene, teaming up with Cole and Cassie again, trying to uncover why anybody would want to stop time.  Then episode five comes along.  Where’s Scott Bakula to say ‘Oh boy’?

Ramse also does another good thing in bringing up Cassie’s crappy attitude for the last several episodes.  But can you blame her?  Her boyfriend took a long walk off a short pier and she’s been played for a sucker, so now she’s a meanie. But at least she’s willing to go along for the ride, so there is that.

The beginning of episode four was just perfect.  It had all the right beats and some great one-liners. The episode continues with Ramse hopping in and out of a rerun of episode three, showing it from his perspective, which they’ve done before, but episode four does it with less detail and no added fructose to make the gimmick more complicated.  It’s a lean and mean episode four, which works well.  Saturated fat is bad for you, anyway.

Then we get Jones drinking some Psycho-Cola, which is kinda cliche, but it works well enough as a freaky plot device we’ve come to expect from this show.  Besides, I like the name Psycho-Cola.  

Then we get to episode five, where Cassie becomes a kick-ass ninja and makes her attitude work for her.  The Tilted-Hat Man makes a guest appearance, but it’s really about our main characters, who are put into two groups for parallel plot TV fun. Cassie and Jennifer go on a wacky girl adventure, while Cole, Ramse and Deacon are all mixed up together like a bad fruit salad.  I thought Deacon’s rivalry was only with Ramse?  Cole gets shoehorned into the whole drama, which works to give him something to do, I guess.

monkey6Emily Hampshire as Jennifer works perfectly as a catalyst for Cassie’s mission.  Their dynamic is a highlight of episode five and the dialogue works to illustrate where they are up to this point in the series.  Cassie is a reluctant time traveler dealing with her fear of the future (literally) and Jennifer is dealing with her past (literally).  The whole Thelma & Louise mission thing just doesn’t last long enough, because Overdramatic-Slow-Talking Lady butts in for her own two-cents.  Too bad.

I didn’t actually think Cole and Ramsey would go through with double-crossing Deacon, so are they bad guys now?  I guess we’re supposed to like them because Deacon talks too much or something.  Yikes, that’s actually kinda backwards.  Aren’t the main characters supposed to be good guys and redeem people?  Even worse, Deacon turns into Rambo and makes it back from Cambodia alive and well.  With knives.  He now has respect for these two jokers for dropping him off in freaky gangland.  Say what?  I think this guy needs to take Jennifer’s medication.  (No offense to people in Cambodia for this paragraph).

In all, episode four was great fun and paced out really well.  Episode five was not as good, kinda spoiled by giving confusing motivations to Cole and Ramse.  I hope the show isn’t back to flipflopping in tone like last season, because season 2 was working pretty well as a fluid arc, but the ratings are starting to disappoint me.  They seem to be averaging less than a point in the ratings, which is disappointing.  Hopefully the show can take a tick upwards sometime soon, maybe with a controversy or an all-you-can-eat contest.  Maybe a zombie.  That’s always good for a quick ratings grab.monkeys2