Who cares about cable ratings?

Okay so cable doesn’t get the ratings that network TV shows do, but everyone still gets all upset.  There must be some standard I’m missing.  Cable is going to get lower ratings by definition, because it’s not reaching all your audience.  Also, with so many choices and competition, the cable market is even tighter than it used to be.  Is that an excuse?

Last Friday the cable ratings came in with some terrible shows, sports, and stupid dramas leading the way.  Granted, this list was from Friday and that is not a good ratings day to begin with, but I guess it gives some perspective on the numbers.

Topping the Friday ratings list was Gold Rush, a show about people prospecting for a few ounces of crap in the Yukon.  Anyway, it got a 1.0 rating on Friday.  The Notre Dame/Duke game came in second with a 0.9 rating.  And some American Dad reruns in syndication came in third with 0.8.  Even Seinfeld still gets ratings, because it got a 0.32 on TBS.  Marriage Boot Camp came in dead last on the list with a 0.3 on WETV.

Compared to original cable dramas, those stupid shows and dumb sport games are doing well.  For one, 12 Monkeys has been averaging around a 0.2 for the past 4 weeks.  Haven on SyFy was doing about the same ratings during its season 5 run, until it was cancelled in August of 2015.  Hunters, which is on right after 12 Monkeys, is doing even worse at around a .1 average.  Terrible.  Z-Nation is doing the best for SyFy at around .35 and .4, but even that is bad.  I’m just wondering what happened to the audience for all these SyFy shows because the trend seems to be to slide into cancelation sooner rather than later. Does anyone watch SyFy?  Ratings from tvbythenumbers.com