Possessed 12 Monkeys – Ouch Count #12monkeys

monkeys25The 12 Monkeys possessed Amanda Schull with evil, causing her to screw everything up.  Feel the drama folks.  Actually, I thought they were going to drag it out for a while, and have Cassie stare into the mirror and look all tormented and stuff, you know.  Pure drama right there.  But nope, they cut right to the chase and had her sabotage the military facility and screw up everybody’s day.  That’s not very nice.

Cassie screws up the time machine by setting the volume to 11 and Colonel Tigh tries to fix it with his wrench.  This was his moment of bravery.  It’s a one-note scene for a one-note character.  Too bad they didn’t develop Colonel Tigh very much in this series.  Anyway, he disintegrates thanks to Cassie.  Ouch #1

Kirk Acevedo kicks the emotional angsting into high gear when Possessed Cassie kidnaps his son.  She locks him up in the Star Chamber, where a critical overload is taking place.  Ramse and Cole race to the locked Star Chamber, but encounter these mutilated time travelers sent back through time by the crazy energy flux stuff.  Or something.  Anyway, ouch #2, #3, and #4 as Cole and Ramse shoot people.

Finally, Cole and Ramse get to the Star Chamber.  Deacon is there too to be a jerk.  Good for him.  Ramse squints and tells the boy it will be alright, while Cole sneaks in the back door.  They rescue the boy, but the kid gets disintegrated at the last moment by the reactor.  Ouch #5.

But that’s not all, because Cassie is still possessed.  Cole uses the Power of Love (like in Back to the Future) to force her to remember him and snap her out of her trance.  Unfortunately for him, Cole can only show the Power of Love when Ramse shoots him.  Or something.  I don’t get it.  Anyway, ouch #6.

Katrina gives Cassie a Secret Formula to rid her blood of the Witness infection, which sorta works like antibiotics or something.  Anyway, she’s okay and she’s not possessed anymore.  Yay.  She’s sorta depressed though, cause she caused a bunch of damage, killed Colonel Tigh and sent Ramse’s son to the Red Zone with Trees, except he doesn’t know his son  is in the Red Zone with Trees, so he just quits and leaves the facility.  What a string of events this episode was.  Yikes.

Overall, this was a good episode.  It had a lot of ouches.  It was based in the facility pretty much, so there wasn’t a lot of traveling around but it still worked for me.  The only thing I didn’t get was how Cassie woke up because Cole got shot.  I don’t get that.  I guess it really was the Power of Love.  Maybe it should have been a Magic Kiss instead.  Now they’re going to have to shoehorn in some new supporting characters, with the death of Colonel Tigh.  Whatever happened to all those military guys?  Anyway, we need more episodes like this.  Everyone did a good job.