Two Missions Washed Away, One Episode Left #12Monkeys

12 Monkeys on SyFy returned on Monday with “Blood Washed Away”, an episode with a lot of frustrated characters.  You’ve got two groups on a long quest and nobody’s getting anywhere.  Cassie and Cole went back in time to look for a Primary and Ramse and the ladies are looking for Titan.  They each stumble around for awhile and setup for the finale, which is pretty much what this episode is all about.  However, it has one interesting theme about self-determination that’s the foundation for this episode.

witness2It’s kinda funny how both groups think the other has failed on their quest.  Believing this makes them all more determined.  Cassie and Cole are pretty much looking everywhere for this Primary, in order to save the world.  They can’t find him.  They work for 11 months looking for this guy.  11 Months.  Nothing changes, so they figure Ramse and the ladies have failed and it’s up to them.  Can you feel the tension?  Yeah, they amp up the drama.  It sorta gets into whiny overdramatic territory for a few minutes, but I think it works overall.

On the other side of the timeline, Ramse and the Ladies are threatening each other.  Ramse resorts to hitting a girl.  Dang, talk about frustrated and angry.  They can’t find Titan.  Somebody scouts the area on a horse and reports that there is no Titan.  Ramse can’t believe it.  He won’t believe it.  Everybody else wants to leave.  Can you feel the tension?

The episode throws in some red herrings, but in the end, everybody fails.  The Ladies fail.  Ramse fails.  Cole can’t save the Primary because he’s reacting at the last second.  Again.  It’s obvious to me that Cole should have asked more questions of this depressed guy who has a depressed wife, but Cole can’t even buy a clue.  He needs to watch more mysteries on TV.  

So Cole fails, everybody blows up,  and he gets all depressed.  He buys a spooky house and becomes a lumberjack or some crap.  Cassie sees the house and it’s the one in her freaky dream, given to her by The Witness.  I guess that this means Cole is The Witness.  He’s in the Witness’s house, eating the Witness’s waffles—yeah he’s the Witness.  Who else could it be?  Nobody else is alive at the end.  The end of the episode is a montage of murder and sex, which doesn’t work to reinforce one or the other, but it sure is creepy. 

It looks to me like the odds are really insurmountable at this point.  That’s what really makes this show great though, because there will be some sort of twist or something to reset the show’s status quo.  I can’t predict it at this point, but Cassie and Cole probably figure into the next steps.  It has to be.  Either that, or The Time Lord or Doctor Who or somebody helps them go back to the future.  Maybe Marty drives up in a Delorean.   I like how they’re delivering on the plot revelations and answering questions that have been pending for the whole season. I don’t think I was disappointed about anything in this episode, except maybe the frustrating finale, which leaves you waiting for the finale.  That’s the best part.  What will happen?