Blair Witch Returns #movies

witch4This week at San Diego Comic Con, a sequel was announced to the original Blair Witch Project, a movie that’s been hidden under the pseudonym entitled The Woods.  The Blair Witch Project worked mostly because of the hype to suck in suspecting viewers into believing it was an actual documentary.  It’s not a real documentary.  I still think it works as a slow-burn Stephen King-style horror movie, but a lot of people were disappointed by the whole thing.  I think a lot of the disappointment has come months and years after by people who didn’t experience the hype or weren’t witness to the birth of the found-footage genre.  Mostly, it’s sour grapes.  The Blair Witch Project is a good movie.  Blair Witch (2016)  is directed by Adam Wingard, the guy who did V/H/S in 2012.   

If the original Blair Witch Project is about being lost in the woods then BLAIR WITCH is about being chased.  – Adam Wingard

The trailer to Blair Witch looks pretty good.  It might really charge up the casual viewer or a person who has heard of the Blair Witch Project, but not a real horror fan.  The trailer has a lot of genre staples and continues to pound the found footage genre into the ground, if it wasn’t there already.  

From the footage, the new Blair Witch looks very clean and has good production value.  I thought the rough presentation to the original Blair Witch Project was part of it’s charm.  It also used the found footage gimmick to great effect, but now that same gimmick has been worn out and trodden on by many, many movies, including Cloverfield and Paranormal Activity.  From the news, I still think Blair Witch can work, based on the director.

Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows failed mostly because of studio interference and because it was rushed into production to cash in on the hype left over from the original.  Blair Witch 2 is such a bad movie I threw away my copy.  The story is crap, the acting sucks and the story makes no sense.  Blair Witch 2016 looks to have similar production values and a similar story that makes no sense, but the director seems like a smart guy.  Hopefully, it comes together a little better somehow.

“We live in an age where it’s harder and harder for a movie to be a genuine surprise for an audience, because of the internet, because of Twitter, because of all the discussions that can happen online,” says the Lionsgate executive. “Sometimes, you want to embrace that for a movie, but we really felt, on this film, that it would be great if audiences could be genuinely surprised.”

Wingard feels like he brings a new perspective and I think maybe he can breathe freshness into a movie 20 years old.  He has already said that the movie is filled with things reimagined from the original and teases you until the third act.  Hopefully the audience isn’t bored until 5 minutes are left in the movie.  I still think anything Blair Witch should retain that grainy low-production style, but I guess it could work the other way.  It just won’t be the same.  If that’s the case, they should have done something new.  Either way, I’m going to see this movie, because the hype has worked on me again.