The Red Forest Breakfast Blend is Good Stuff #12Monkeys

monkeys6Memory of Tomorrow expanded the scope of 12 Monkeys and made me realize that The Red Forest drink is stronger than a Starbucks espresso.  Our hero Cole drinks this special concoction to go back in time and undo his moment of indecision, when he couldn’t kill the Messenger because he thought it would erase all the happiness he had with Cassie.  So he kills the guy.  And discovers he’s actually right.  At first.  Then she does remember.  What? How?  Uhhh.  All that and more happened on this AWESOME action-packed season finale.  

So I watched this season finale with two other people, and I realized that this episode was totally inaccessible to them.  Too bad too, because they are open fans of science fiction.  Actually, there is about 30 seconds of recap at the beginning of the episode, which is great, but it’s not enough to really help with the references and just what is going on.  The lead-up to this season finale is just too important to skip over and that’s pretty much where my friends need to start to really become invested in this show.  The good thing is, Memory of Tomorrow has a lot of classic sci-fi elements everybody can enjoy.

Madeleine Stowe joins the cast for a surprise guest appearance and her work is perfect.  She helps guide Cole to the right path and advises him on the new philosophy for this episode: love conquers time travel.  Madeleine Stowe tells Cole that he’s being really dumb, because love conquers all, so he shouldn’t be indecisive about going back in time. She tells him he should just order a Red Forest cappuccino and save the day, because Cassie WILL remember.  Since that goes against the very premise of the show, Cole knows that what she says isn’t true.  Confusing, to say the least.

Cole travels back in time and fixes everything, so The Machine returns him back to 2044.  Jones is alive again and everything is right with the world.  But that’s not the end of the episode. They have to save Ramse, so they use the restored Machine to travel to Jennifer to get her help, in order to gun down everybody.  Jennifer adds some lightness to the episode which works well, because that’s her character.

After they gun down everybody, Ramse is STILL frustrated because he hasn’t found The Witness, which is understandable.  He’s been out to get him for a while now.  With the revelations in this episode, I don’t think Ramse is ever going to get the revenge he wanted.  The episode turns out to be more than just a people versus villain show anyway, which is good.  After Ramse meets up with Olivia, I think we’re looking at a new team or a new threat on this show, made up of Ramse, Olivia, and her pals.  Discovering this new thread will be great.

The true identity of The Witness really tops everything done on the show so far.  I couldn’t predict it.  It makes Cassie’s character better and gives the show a whole new direction.  The Witness isn’t just some evil villain Ramse can gun down, because that’d be too easy.  It’s almost as if The Witness is an idea—represented as the very love between Cole and Cassie, which works perfectly from a sci-fi perspective and makes the show deeper.

Overall, this was a great episode.  It delivered.  It gave us answers, some happy endings/resolutions and posed more questions, all of which gelled together perfectly.  I maybe would have liked a little more time with the Cole/Cassie forgotten love dynamic, but it worked fine as is.  Throwing in Jones to help save the day complemented the episode and Jennifer’s usual schtick added all the more.  Unfortunately, the deeper and more involved this series becomes, it starts to become less accessible, which is what is needed, since they want ratings, I assume.  Hopefully, the smart fan sticks with the series, and remembers how to DVR or go find past episodes.  The highlight of this episode had to be the Red Forest espresso. It can you time travel.  How cool is that?  I wish Starbucks had that drink.