Suicide Squad Predictions – #boxoffice

suicide1Two weeks ago, sites like Variety were reporting Suicide Squad was going to rake in upwards of 100 million opening weekend, but now that prediction has changed.  Forbes predicts “north of” 125 million and ScreenRant predicts an opener similar to Batman vs Superman.  Hey if a crappy Batman vs Superman can do 166 million opening weekend, why can’t Suicide Squad do 140 million with good press and great marketing?

Suicide Squad has a good vibe and even better marketing, which you can see in the awesome trailers.  If the actual movie is like that, I think 140 million isn’t out of the question domestically, but if the rock trailer was just a fake-out and the movie isn’t anything like Guardians of the Galaxy, then 100 million is more reasonable.  Also, Suicide Squad doesn’t have the two most popular superheroes on the planet, which is something to consider.  Had BvS actually been good and had amazing marketing, it probably tops other superhero movies like Avengers.

Trailers on the internet are one thing, but how much of the general public is aware Suicide Squad is opening?  Are they clued in?  The movie doesn’t have a media blitz like Batman 1989, so word-of-mouth will have to carry it at the box office.  The funny thing is, there’s not a single review yet.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.