Opening This Week 8/11

model1I actually watched some movie trailers this week since I missed Suicide Squad, and I think this week’s prospects might have a couple of surprises.

5.  Ben-Hur = This crappy movie has been hyped as the “realistic” take on a religious story, which means they’ve excised all the religion.  It’s based a book which guest-stars Christ himself, so will Jesus be in the movie?  Is Hollywood too cool for religious stories now?  So this movie has that stigma and also the remake stigma.  And it doesn’t look all that interesting.  I’m guessing it will bring in less than 80 million over the weekend.  Why would you want to remake this movie, anyway?

4.  Pete’s Dragon = This strange movie looks like a Saturday morning special, with a warm message and a cozy family story.  It’s the kind of movie Disney used to do all the time until they became hip and cool.  It has Karl Urban playing a swarmy jerk, which looks like a great fit for him and his cocky personality. This is also a remake of an earlier Mickey Rooney movie which nobody remembers, but this one should be favorited by a bunch of Moms anyway.

3.  Blood Father – This Mel Gibson movie looks decent, but it could be messy.  Gibson plays a reckless father, down on his luck, which is a huge stereotype but I guess it works.  22 year old Erin Moriarity plays his teenage daughter, as she runs from some gangsters.  He decides to help her out and be a father.  A blood father! There’s shooting and blood and this is rated R.  This might be a small opening for that reason.

2.  Hell or High Water – I’m on the fence about this Chris Pine movie.  On one hand, the Texas accents all sound terrible, but on the other hand, Jeff Bridges is in it.  He usually does a good job.  This movie was written by the guy who wrote Sicario, which is another talky crime drama.  I’m not sure about Chris Pine doing a drama without endless shooting or explosions, but he doesn’t have to carry it, hopefully.  I think this could be a surprise opening, unless those accents get really annoying.

  1.  The Model – If not a good movie, this foreign film at least looks interesting.   This stars nobody I know and is directed by nobody I know, but the story is about a girl starting in the fashion industry.  As you might guess, there’s a bunch of swarmy guys and sex.  Variety already called it shallow, but there’s something about the style and the way the trailer is shot that catches my attention.  I think this could be good, if it’s emphasis is on the story.