The Ring AND The Blair Witch Project RETURN

ring5So I just learned that The Ring AND Blair Witch sequels are both getting 2016 releases.  They are both pseudo-sequels to popular movies from a while back, The Ring in 2002 and The Blair Witch Project in 1999.  So is the Blair Witch trailer good? How about Rings?  Does Samara kill people?

The Blair Witch trailer is okay, but it reveals too much.  It jumps around and many of the characters look annoying, like they’re stereotypical stupid teens.  The Blair Witch Project was alternative in that it didn’t have many of the usual tropes.  Will Blair Witch have stupid horror tropes?  It looks like it.  It’s another big budget sequel, like The Blair Witch Project 2, but I hope this time around they have a story that makes sense.

Due out in October, the Rings trailer doesn’t work at all.  It has a LOT of scary things pulled from the American remake with Naomi Watts.  One of the girls pulls something from their throat like Watts did in the 2002 movie.  Some of the footage is just copied from the original.  There’s a Ring video with a new snake segment, but the Samara cameo looks pulled from the 2002 movie.  Is there anything original in this new movie?  Yes, there are jump scares.  It’s directed by F Javier Gutierrez, not Gore Verbinski, who created a really memorable mood in the original.  I don’t see a lot of that in the new trailer.  Sorry.

Okay, so these trailers stink, but will I be seeing these movies? Well yes, duh.  I’m a fan so they have my money already.  How far will that go at the box office?  I think Blair Witch has the bigger buzz thanks to the reveal at comic-con and I think they’re guaranteed a great opening weekend, but I think it’ll be interesting to see if these sequels can be as memorable as the originals.