31 Days of Halloween 2016 LineUp Announced!

moviesclipThis year, we’re once again reviewing one horror movie everyday in October leading up to Halloween.  This will be the third straight year for the marathon and it’s been interesting getting a line-up together, because I’m aiming not to repeat reviews from years past and I hope to use the movies I love.  At year three, this is becoming more difficult.  Hey, it’s not impossible, because I realized I’ve got a pic of Hannibal Lector on my frontpage and I’ve never reviewed Silence of the Lambs for Halloween.  I’ve got to go all out for that one.  Anyway, how about some of these?

31.  Young Frankenstein (1974) – In honor of Gene Wilder, I figure I’d kick off the marathon with this movie.  Wilder has a great sense of timing and I think this movie or Willy Wonka are probably his best movies.  Some prefer his later buddy comedies with Richard Pryor, but this one is my favorite.  He’s really good in Young Frankenstein.

30.  Jason X (2001) – After a Real Classic ™, we turn to this movie.  I saw in Jason X the theater first hand and I’ll remember what happened in my review.  I’ll also answer the question: Is this movie as bad as everyone says?  Is it the worst one of the Freddy, Jason and Michael Myers movies?

29.  Cloverfield (2008) – This is technically a monster movie first, but it’s still classic horror in my opinion.  It’s got some unique things, but it also follows a lot of movie trends too.  Maybe that’s why it was so successful.

28.  The Monster Squad (1987) – I must be going for a horror comedy theme this year, because this movie is another funny one.  I first saw it on VHS back in the day, so I’ve got stories about this one too.  Those are the best blog posts, don’t you think?

27.  Bad Moon (1996) – Finally, we get to a lesser known movie of mine and I think I know why.  It’s terrible.  It’s a bad movie based on a mediocre book, but that doesn’t mean it’s totally horrible, does it?  Anyway, I needed to have a werewolf movie on here that’s not the “American Werewolf in…” franchise.

26.  The Haunting (1963) – I can’t believe some people won’t watch black and white movies.  I’ve got to have at least one black and white movie on this list, for it to be legit.  Hell, all the classic monster movies are black and white, so I don’t know if you’re a real Halloween movie fan without liking those.

25.  Splinter (2008) – This is another ‘creature attacks’ horror movie that’s great for Halloween.  It’s sorta got that drive-thru vibe and is really entertaining.  It’s a very small movie I once found while researching indie films.

24.  Frenzy (1972) – Roger Ebert gave this Alfred Hitchcock movie 4 stars, which is high praise from that guy.  Nuff said.

23.  Aggression Scale (2012) – To make my list more well-rounded, we’ve got this 2012 movie.  It’s the ‘strike-back at the killers’ type of movie and features a lot of revenge themes.  We don’t root for any of the characters, so it’s kinda like what Freddy and Jason movies have turned into.

22.  The Exorcist III – Okay, so I’m not watching The Exorcist II again because that movie is crap, but what about this movie?  It’s got George C. Scott for God’s sake.  Also, see if you can spot the Samuel L. Jackson cameo.

21.  At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul (1963) – 60s Horror Movies would be an interesting topic for a book or documentary or something.  I love 60s horror movies.  This is also the first horror movie from Brazil.  Is it good?

20.  Silver Bullet (1985) – Can you guess what this one’s about?  That’s right, vampires.  Just joking, it’s about werewolves.  It stars Gary Busey, and it’s based on a Stephen King short story.

19.  Joy Ride (2001) – This one has sat in my DVD collection ever since I became a LeeLee Sobieski fan a long time ago.  It’s a stalker movie and has a crazed killer theme, like Jason or Freddy, but with Duel undercurrents.

18.  Bubba Ho-Tep (2002) – You know what, I think this comedy horror theme is catching on for this marathon.  Bubba Ho-Tep is another one of my DVD lifers and it’s been sitting there a while in need of a dust off.

17.   The Funhouse (1981) by Tobe Hooper – This Tobe Hooper movie is underrated and needs a review.

16.  Videodrome (1983) – Kinda like WestWorld, this movie has a strange science fiction slant.  It’s worth watching at least once.  More than once for analysis buffs.

15.  Re-Animator (1985) – The original Re-Animator is a classic.  It’s going to be fun to revisit this one.

14.  Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984) – We need more Jason on this list, so that brings us to this movie.  It’s a contest for me to decide which one is best, this one or part VII?  This is the Corey Feldman special, which everyone remembers.

13.  Cube (1997) – This is one of my favorites and it’s premise really hooked me.  The science fiction elements are never truly explored but it does have a lot of interesting ideas.

12.  Evil Dead – This one is great and started some horror trends, I believe.

11.  Day of the Dead (1985) – This movie is for my Romero fix this year.  It has way, way, way over-the-top performances, but I don’t care.  It’s fun.

10.  Tales of Halloween (2015) – Guess what, it’s another horror comedy.  This movie is a horror anthology series like Creepshow, with a few stories and different actors.  It’s a good one.

9.  They Live (1988) – I think I’ve already analyzed this movie for it’s consumerist message, but what about it’s horror vibes?  Or it’s other themes?

8.  The Innocents (1961) – Surprisingly, this movie has a lot of influences on other modern horror classics and is a good supernatural movie in it’s own right.

7.  Jacob’s Ladder (1990) – This is a seriously tense movie.  It’s not horror comedy.  Surprise.

6.  Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966) – For this year’s Christopher Lee special, we have this movie.  Christopher Lee is the quintessential Dracula, and he makes some unusual choices for this outing.

5.  I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle (1990) – Okay, so I’m not fooling you anymore, this is horror comedy year.  Yes, this is a real movie.

4.  Hatchet (2006) – This has all the horror stars.  What could be wrong with it?hallow2

3.  The Little Shop of Horrors (1960) – If we’re going horror comedy, we might as well go all the way.

2.  Halloween II – Halloween is the mainstay of most horror lists, but how does Halloween II hold up?

  1.  Silence of the Lambs – As I said in the intro, this movie graces my front page, so I have to review it! Again.lambs2