Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know Were in Blair Witch (2016)

blair3I gave Blair Witch (2016) a standard review, but there’s a lot of other things going on in that movie I didn’t give it credit for.  I guess that’s my fault in trying to get a review out quickly based on what I saw at the movies, but now that I’ve had time to think it over for a few weeks, I think I was really too harsh on Blair Witch.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a bad movie and it still repeats all the beats from the original, but there’s something else going on which I think is too hidden from view to save it from the public backlash and bad reviews.

10.  It’s a Time Warp Again – Honestly, I thought the original used the ‘lost in the woods’ motif to great effect.  They walk South all day and end up in the same place.  This is an important aspect of the movie which is never explained.  The same thing happens in the 2016 version.  The kids walk around and end up in the same place, but this time director Adam Wingard turns it up to 11 by adding endless night, unusable GPS, and strange time warping.  Honestly, I thought the reason why Heather and gang ended up in the same place in the original was because somebody was messing with their compass, but it’s apparent that The Witch is doing the manipulating in the new movie.

9.  It’s a Supernatural Place – The characters explain some of the “lore” behind the cursed Black Hills as they camp, and they talk about how you have to stay overnight in the Black Hills to be caught up in the mysterious supernatural strangeness.  So they sleep overnight and I think they then get stuck in a time warp.  They use a drone to scout out where they are, but it doesn’t show them anything, only the endless, “changing woods”.  It might be that the crackling and breaking noises at night are the woods physically shifting around them.  When the characters get separated, they get stuck at different points in the timeline, and the events really get strange.

8.  Divergent and Convergent Timelines – Talia and Lane separate from the group at one point and Lane eventually diverges into his own timeline, where he claims he is being controlled by The Witch.  He chases the group around and tries to kill Lisa.  Who knows how long he’s been there, but it’s apparent from his beard, he’s been in Rustin Parr’s house for a while.  The strange thing is, the reason the group went in the house to begin with was to find out whose light they saw upstairs.  They figure it’s Heather.  If this is the case, that’s really a strange use of the timewarp.  They never do find her, but it’s clear that the timelines are crossing over, shifting and sending the group back in time.

blair27.  The End is the Beginning – It’s clear that the YouTube video James saw is from Lane’s camera, and the footage shows future events.  Lane and Talia find the timewarped video and give it to James.  So the video really shows future events of the group, when they were thrown back in time to Rustin Parr’s house, since it was burned down in 1940.  The same thing happened to Heather and pals.  They were also shifted back in time to Rustin Parr’s house and their footage was later discovered buried in the ground, as if it was there for a while.  It WAS there for a while, because it had been there since 1940.

6.  Humans Do the Killing – The Witch’s modus operandi is to use a human to do the killing for her.  She uses Rustin Parr to kill a bunch of children and uses Josh to kill Heather and Mike, if you believe one fan theory.  She then uses Lane to terrorize a new group of campers, but James and Lisa aren’t killed by Lane.  They are killed by something or somebody else.  I guess if we are to believe that The Witch uses humans to kill her victims, it has to be someone we haven’t met.  Or maybe it’s Josh.  Or maybe this whole theory is crazy.

5.  The Witch Chases Them – So if The Witch is really chasing Lisa and James, I guess that’s what Lisa saw outside of Rustin Parr’s house.  She runs inside to find James and they are both killed after being tricked into looking at her.  That sorta contradicts the point of possessing Rustin Parr, but that’s really the only explanation, unless you believe James and Lisa were killed by somebody we haven’t met.  Maybe they were killed by Peter.  Who knows.

4.  Endless Night – The use of Endless Night is a new detail added to the 2016 version, which gives away the time warp.  It’s no longer a mystery, as in the original.  The Witch is actually manipulating things around the group.  Night often symbolizes evil, so endless night is really not a good thing.  

3.  The Death of Elly Kedward – The 2016 sequel adds more information to the death of Elly Kedward, The Witch.  She is not just dragged out to the woods and killed now, she’s tied to a tree and the townspeople hung rocks from her arms and legs, violently stretching them until she died.  This is probably why the sightings of The Witch show an abnormally strange looking beast creature, with elongated limbs.

2.  Imitating Voices – The Witch can imitate the voices of her victims.  That’s pretty clear.  That’s how she tricked Lisa and James at the end of the movie.  Heather and Mike hear Josh calling out in the woods.  Why can’t anybody figure this out?  I’m not sure.  

  1.  Media Obsession Analogy – The reason why James died was that he was obsessed with finding out what happened to his sister.  He couldn’t let her go.  He couldn’t move on.  Finding the YouTube video was only an outlet for his obsession.  It’s blurry and you can’t even tell if it’s Heather or not.  The guy is obviously off his rocker and YouTube obsessed.  Video plays out the number one analogy in The Blair Witch Project.  Our obsessions can warp our vision and blind us to certain truths.  Being lost in the woods is a literal way of portraying this analogy, but it still works.  They’re looking for something and can’t find it.  They’ll never find it.  And when they don’t want to find it anymore, it’s too late.  Like many obsessions, it’s backfired on them. Has the media led them astray? Or can they only blame themselves?