31 Days of Halloween #30 – Jason X is stuck in the past

jasonx1I’ve read a lot of stupid articles saying that Jason X was original, ahead of its time, and entertaining.  I’m at odds with all those dumb points.  At best, Jason X is fan-fiction.  It’s not an original conceit with unique elements shown for the first time on the big screen.  It’s Jason in space.  Killing people.  So it’s not original, at least in material.  The idea might be  unique, but it’s the same story all over again.  I don’t even know what to say about the second of the three points.  Jason X is not ahead of its time.  At all.  Lastly, is this movie entertaining?  It’s only entertaining when the characters don’t talk,  so there is that.

jasonx3This movie is so bad that Roger Ebert used the word ‘sucks’ to describe it.  It’s the same story of Jason rampaging all over the place, except with a new wrapper.  Jason is stuck on some spaceship with a crew of sex-starved idiots, the same as when he was at camp on Earth.  They wander around and are caught by Jason.  They go down dark corridors, call out each other’s name like scared chickens, and are eventually sliced up.  Many people I know excuse this movie because it isn’t supposed to be serious, but “just for fun” or something like that.  “Hey, it’s not Hamlet, you’re missing the point.  It’s supposed to be just a popcorn movie.  Sit back and enjoy.”  No, I got the point.  It’s dumb.  Stop apologizing for dumb movies.  

The movie tries its hand at commentary, but none of it makes sense.  It has a few jokes here and there about current events, and the pilot comments about Microsoft.  “You think this was bad, you should have been there for the Microsoft conflict.”  I guess people are literally fighting Microsoft in the future, instead of being robbed blind and left by the side of the road figuratively.  Ha ha.   There’s other in-jokes about Alien, which are kinda pointless and most of them go unnoticed.

jasonx5Frankly, movies have stalled even more recently in their originality quota.  Ever since the rise of prequels and nostalgia on the big screen, you’re seeing more and more stupidness in the form of familiar faces.  What’s the most recent original film series?  I can’t even think of one.  Star Trek, Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and other franchises have refreshed themselves with new takes on old material.  Expect even more of this crap until some young guy steps forward (like George Lucas did) and throws something at the screen in order to make it stick.  Jason X is stuck in the past, the same as those others.  

Lexa Doig is the only decent actor of note in this whole movie and even her dialogue is terrible. The rest of the cast is even given even worse lines, and Lisa Ryder combines that with a stupid performance, a bad haircut, and a terrible character.  Did you know David Cronenberg was cast in this movie?  I didn’t even notice.

Overall, this is a terrible movie.  It has a few minutes of good kills and I guess you can enjoy it for being bad, but boy are those characters annoying.  I think this is the movie where Jason turned from monster into fan favorite, if that didn’t happen two sequels before.  We want him to kill everybody.  I think that’s why the remake failed.  Nobody really cares about the teenagers and their heroics.  They should die as creativity as possible.  Jason X tries to satisfy all that, but the absurdity of it all really gets on my nerves.  Sorry.



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