31 Days of Halloween 2016 – #25 Splinter (2008) is a movie at a gas station

splinter4I can’t remember how I heard about Splinter (2008), the movie everybody missed at the movies because it earned like five dollars, so this is really an indie film.  It stars nobody you know (or I know), and they try to do the best they can with a minimalistic script.  I think they do a good job.  

These two happy campers Seth and Holly are assaulted by two other happy robbers on-the-run, who kidnap them and head on the road South toward Mexico.  Unfortunately for them, they run over the Monster-of-the-Week and it tries to eat them.  The Monster seems to be a parasite or a flesh-eating living bacteria of some kind, which mutates and takes on different forms.  It’s sorta interesting.

splinter1It chases them to a gas station, where the hold up inside.  Apparently monsters can’t get inside thin plexiglass.  It jumps around, kills one of the robbers, then hides on a roof and stakes  out the place in wait for one of the three of them to come.  This is where the movie slows down and finally gets to some drama.  The dialogue is decent at this point, and I think Shea Whigham does some good work as the aggressive robber who just wants to go to Mexico.  

Seth tries to use the power of science to deduce The Monster’s weaknesses, but that sorta fizzles. I’m not sure where they were going with the science angle, but it doesn’t go anywhere. The best he can come up with is that they should lower their body temperature below the ambient air temperature and make a run for it.  Yeah, that doesn’t really work out.

Overall, this is a decent movie, I guess.  It’s pretty straightforward, actually.  There’s no allegories to be found in this one, except a loose allusion to man versus nature.  The cast does alright, when they’re not just running around or flailing for a chance to do something.  Speaking of flailing, the camera shakes like a dying chicken at the end when our heroes finally confront The Monster.  Too bad.   As it stands, we don’t get much more than a clever MacGyver episode that’s a little too short.



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